British Based Bookies Bustle for a Piece of the Tatts Group Pie

British bookmakers William Hill and Ladbrokes are believed to be circling the wagering arm of Tatts Group, according to sources, as the company remains at the centre of a USD $7.3 Billion power struggle between its Australian rival Tabcorp and a Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Macquarie-backed consortium, the Australian reported…

Bloody hell… Tatts not a bad buy for a bunch of broke lads!

Earlier this year, Tatts and Tabcorp agreed on a scrip deal for Tabcorb to buy the company for what is now valuing the company at $4.10 a share in an offer that is said to generate $130 million in synergies. At the time, the offer was worth $4.34 a share. The deal currently values Tatts at just over $6bn and values the wagering arm at 70c a share.

TAB and Ladbrokes Merger talks

Learn more about the acquisition here

Last week, the Pacific Consortium offered to pay shareholders between $4.40 and $5 for Tatts. Shareholders would receive a $3.40 a share cash payment for the lotteries arm and would be paid in scrip for the wagering arm, which the consortium expects to equate to $1.60 a share. The Pacific Consortium says its offer is 18 times the company's earnings.

Sources close to Tatts say the two separate offers remained under consideration, but weakening the prospects for the Pacific Consortium was that the company had not yet guaranteed $1.60 a share in scrip for the Tatts wagering arm.

It was only when that occurred that the Tatts board would face a more real dilemma about what deal to back

Some are betting that the situation will play out where the Pacific Consortium does in fact guarantee $1.60 a share for wagering before Tabcorp increases its offer in what has been described as a do or die situation for Tabcorp.

tabcorp and ladbrokes merger talks - again

The price of $1.60 a share for the Tatts wagering operations equates to a value of 11 times its earnings, and sceptics have questioned whether the division is really worth such a rich multiple.

A Young Offer That’s Already Over The Hill

William Hill generates £189.9m in annual profit and, in addition to its online sportsbook operations the company offers online gambling games.

London-based Online Sports Betting Site Ladbrokes boasts £5.1m of annual income, and there were unfounded rumours that it was eyeing Tatts Group in the weeks before the Pacific Consortium emerged.

Consolidation is unfolding among global betting companies amid a period in which they are facing disruption from the internet, and both parties are widely thought to be eager to expand their footprint in the Australian market.

The situation is interesting from the perspective of industry disruption

Ladbrokes and William Hill entered the Australian betting market in 2013 and have aggressively brokered a range of sponsorships with sporting clubs.

William Hill is licensed in the Northern Territory and Ladbrokes on Norfolk Island. The pair have been stealing market share from Tatts and Tabcorp while operating in territories that pay less tax than the latter parties based in Queensland and Victoria.

Should one of the British groups secure the wagering arm of Tatts, some question whether they will operate the business out of their current jurisdictions, although there are said to be plans afoot to change the rules for companies operating out of the Northern Territory.

Macquarie had tried to strike a deal to buy Tatts Group mid-year but its plans were thwarted when Brookfield pulled out of the consortium and was replaced only recently by KKR.

Tabcorp is advised by UBS, which recently raided the Tatts share register on its client's behalf, securing a 10 per cent blocking stake in the target, while Tatts is advised by Goldman Sachs.

What You’ve Missed….

It's definitely 'Game On' for Ladbrokes as they look to merge with and acquire TABCorp and the Tatts Group
It’s definitely ‘Game On’ for Ladbrokes as they look to merge with and acquire TABCorp and the Tatts Group

November 29th 2016

Ladbrokes Coral is reportedly weighing up a bid for Australia's largest bookie in a deal that would cost the betting giant more than USD 2.5B

The company, which completed its £2.4bn merger only a few weeks ago, has appointed advisers to assess a bid for Tabcorp, the Mail on Sunday reported.

Ladbrokes is not believed to be preparing a statement for the stock market opening on Monday morning, suggesting that any potential bid is in its early stages and not a certainty.

Tabcorp, which runs a network of high-street bookies, electronic games in pubs and clubs, and a handful of pay TV channels, is believed to have been in Ladbrokes' sites for some years, reportedly turning down a bid in 2013, while its chief executive David Attenborough cut his teeth in the industry at Ladbrokes.

Its hand may have been forced by Tabcorp's proposed A$6.4bn (£3.8bn) acquisition of fellow bookie Tatts.

Ladbrokes is reportedly interested only in Tabcorp, and may have to crash the deal in order to scupper it

The merger between the two Australian companies, meant to ward off growing UK competition in the market, is also expected to face scrutiny from competition regulators, which blocked such a deal 10 years ago.

Tabcorp has a market capitalisation of A$3.9bn (£2.3bn). An acquisition at that price would would create a company worth around £5bn, making it one of the world's biggest betting groups and catapulting it into the FTSE 100.


Gaming companies have been forced to consolidate in recent years as regulation and tax measures squeeze their margins

Ladbrokes and Gala Coral completed their merger at the start of this month, and Paddy Power and Betfair also merged at the start of this year.

British groups are also looking down under for growth since the deregulation of gambling licences in 2012. Ladbrokes itself has already bought Australian bookmakers Betstar and, although a deal for Tabcorp would eclipse both.

The company, which offers sports betting as well as Keno, a lottery-style game and owns the Australian Sky Racing channels, had revenues of A$2.2bn last year and pre-tax profits of A$301m.

$3 Billion Southport Spit Casino Looks Set to Go Ahead

The Southport Spit Casino Interest has been reignited again after it was initially made public back in April of this year – with our Partners at Download Free Pokies sharing the latest from the Packer and Chinese owned consortium ASF

Artist Impression of the new $3 Billion Casino resort

southport spit casino gets green light

Learn more about the initial plans here – or alternatively of course, keep reading to get more up to date information about the who what where why and when of this new multi billion dollar hotel & casino resort


Southport Spit Casino Gets Green Light

Chinese-owned consortium ASF and James Packer’s Crown Resorts plan to build three hotels, a casino, restaurants, retail shops and top end housing on crown land located in Southport Spit.

It is predicted the development would create 10,000 jobs and generate millions of dollars from tourism.

State Development Minister Anthony Lynham would oversee the work to protect and make-over the northern Spit.

southport spit casino plans



Dr Lynham said in a statement beaches and green space along the Spit was a natural playground for families and visitors, but was “crying out for a make-over, fresh concepts and more public amenities”.

“In the new year, we will work-up a detailed plan for the approximately 140 hectares of coastal parkland – an area nearly eight times the size of Brisbane’s South Bank Parklands,” he said.

“I will consult with Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate and seek his input on how we can best rejuvenate the Southport Spit and protect the popular landmark as public amenity space in perpetuity.”

The ASF Consortia has been in talks with James Packer’s Crown Resorts and that group is expected to operate the casino.

The Queensland government on Friday approved significant expansion to Mr Packer’s rival State Entertainment Group’s development at Broadbeach’s Jupiter’s Casino.

Then on Sunday, the ASF Consortia released their newest artist impressions.

Artist Impression-Southport Spit Casino-Crown Resort and ASF Consortia 1

The drawings show:

  • Three, five and six star hotels;
  • Restaurants, theatres, retail precincts;
  • A 1200-seat Broadwater amphitheatre;
  • Public access to the Broadwater pedestrian walkways, public boat moorings and beaches.

ASF director Louis Chien said the project would invest $3 billion into the Gold Coast, create an estimated 10,000 jobs and attract a projected 1.5 million additional tourists to the Gold Coast each year.

“This $3 billion project will deliver a world-class waterfront destination that provides an immediate and ongoing economic boost and significant jobs for the Gold Coast, with benefits flowing across Queensland,” Mr Chien said.

The bid is bound to again re-ignite community debate between conservationists and pro-development groups over future development on the state government-owned Southport Spit.

Southport Spit an EyeSore?

The ASF Consortia’s proposal to go ahead with their five-hectare site located immediately to the south of Sea World comes at the expense of the national park currently located on the crown owned land. However, this area is apparently “run down” and “dilapidated” and is in desperate need of a makeover and some money and time invested in it.

“North of the council car park, north of Sea World, this land will be protected in perpetuity,” Dr Lynham told reporters.

Dr Lynham had no further details to add, only saying that he hoped to speak to Gold Coast City Council this week to co-ordinate improvements to parkland and car parks, which he described as “rundown.”

The new casino proposal from ASF Consortia includes drawings of a new bridge to the Southport Spit, close to the existing Sunland Bridge as one proposal to improve traffic on the Spit.

To put it into perspective, this is how Southport Spit looks today:

southport spit as it looks today

And the artists impression using the same angle:

southport spit casino gets green light


Council Approval on Cruise Control

Until last month it had not been discussed by the local council.

In completely separate proposals the council is investigating the viability and design of a nearby cruise ship terminal on the southern, coastal side of Southport Spit.

Southport Spit Cruise ship Terminal and Casino


The council was keen to have a traffic circuit-breaker before approving that project.

Dr Lynham gave a general comment that existing privately owned companies could contribute to further development and conservation on the Spit.

“There are many opportunities for people who are on the Spit already – Versace, Sheraton Mirage, Sea World – who would like to contribute to seeing this place protected.”

Another proposal unrelated to this Southport Spit Casino is for a huge cruise ship complex that would rival some of the world’s best. Here is an artist’s impression of this huge cruise ship terminal, resort and hotel complex proposed for the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Cruise Ship Terminal Artist Impression


Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, Casino Evil

Hear No Evil & Speak No Evil – We All Know That.

But Did You Know: Casino Evil?

Casino Evil - dont speak or hear it either

We’ve all heard about the three wise monkeys of ancient folklore, sometimes called the three mystic apes but just how much did you know about this trio of bipeds? Let’s Speak Hear and See if we can’t find out where it all came from and what if anything is the meaning behind it all…

The 3 Wise Monkey’s Don’t Gamble. #JustSaying

3 wise monkeys agree Casino Evil

More About The 3 Wise Monkeys

The three wise monkeys (Japanese: 三猿 Hepburn: san’en or sanzaru?, alternatively 三匹の猿 sanbiki no saru, literally “three monkeys”), sometimes called the three mystic apes, are a pictorial maxim. Together they embody the proverbial principle “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.

The three monkeys are:

  • Mizaru, covering his eyes, who sees no evil
  • Kikazaru, covering his ears, who hears no evil, and
  • Iwazaru, covering his mouth, who speaks no evil.

There are various meanings ascribed to the monkeys and the proverb including associations with being of good mind, speech and action. In the Western world the phrase is often used to refer to those who deal with impropriety by turning a blind eye.

Outside Japan the monkeys’ names are sometimes given as Mizaru, Mikazaru, and Mazaru, as the last two names were corrupted from the Japanese originals. The monkeys are Japanese macaques, a common species in Japan.

modern version of see, speak and hear no evil
modern version of see, speak and hear no evil

The True Origins of the Expression

Despite Wiki and other sources citing the origins as being Japanese, I have it on good authority that this is far from the case, and the truth it seems is far more strange than anything anyone could make up.

Sometimes there is a fourth monkey depicted, Shizaru, who symbolizes the principle of “do no evil”. He may be shown crossing his arms or covering his genitals. In another variation, a fourth monkey is depicted with a sulking posture and the caption “have no fun”.[citation needed]

According to Osho Rajneesh, the monkey symbolism originated in ancient Hindu tradition and Buddhist monks spread this symbolism across Asia. The original Hindu and Buddhist version contains 4 monkeys and the fourth monkey covers his genitals.The Buddhist version means this as “Don’t do anything evil”.

Modern take on this 4th monkey is less about the doing and more about the giving – specifically looking at the number of fucks being allocated.

The example shown clearly displays the number of fucks given as 0

The 4th Wise Monkey Actually Has Some Profoundly Helpful Advice

In Hindu original version the meaning of the fourth monkey is totally different from the popular Buddhist version. It means, “Hide your pleasures. Hide your enjoyment, don’t show it to anybody.”

Basically what they are saying is that if you win a jackpot at the casino then don’t tell anyone or show them because they will want some of it and then the taxman will claim some and then the government and some kid you didn’t even know you had will show up demanding a cut and before you know it you are worse off than when you started?!?! Hide your winnings is what they were trying to tell us.

Hide your wheelbarrow too. Looks suss unless you have a couple of hoes in the back or something.

The following images better portray the true origins and hint at the meaning behind the ancient Japanese proverb.

Casino Evil indeed.

CASINO EVIL with Mogul’s with James Packer and Sheldon Adelson

hear no evil and speak no evil and Casino Evil

hear no evil and speak no evil and Casino Evil

hear no evil and speak no evil and Casino Evil

But Be Sure to ALWAYS Laugh with Evil. Dr Evil that is

Check out our online casino reviews and recommendations for a list of the best non-evil casinos for Australian punters to enjoy

Is This Queensland’s Luckiest Pub?

If you understand how pokies work then you know that they are designed to pay out at a certain (predetermined) rate – usually around 90c to the dollar. What this means is that pokies will, over time, average their wins and losses so that for every say $1000,000 put into the machine, $900,000 has been paid out and the machine has made a $100k profit for the pub/club owners. Over time the payout rates of individual pokies will rise and fall – averaging out at the 90% Return rate after many many years. This of course means that during that time the machine could go through periods where it consistently paid out higher than average returns (as it attempts to bring the average back to 90% after consistently not paying out for example)

Well the owners of a pub in Queensland claim to have just such a machine – in fact they reckon it’s the luckiest pokie machine ever!

Luckiest Pokie Machine or Another Tall Aussie Tale?

Tall tales like those of the Bunyip
True story or just another ‘Bunyip’ sighting?

Beachmere Hotel have hailed it the luckiest pub in Queensland as the owners claim a string of wins ‘unprecedented of late’ surely puts their humble pub on top of the list

But is it the luckiest in the state?

Beachmere Hotel Keno & Pokie Wins

try your luck on these high paying queensland pokiesBeachmere Hotel director Robert Comiskey said it had earned the title of the luckiest pub in Queensland after a $2.09 million Keno jackpot win on November 18 €” the second worth more than $2 million in four years.

On the same day a different patron won almost $11,000 on poker machines, making it the eighth time someone had won more than $10,000 in the last two years.

There have also been a number of significant Keno jackpots over the past 12 months including a $155,616 nine-number jackpot.

According to the Queensland Government website there is up to a one in seven million chance of winning the top prize on a poker machine and one in 8,911,711 chance of getting the 10 number jackpot on Keno.

We are big advocates of gambling responsibly but with odds like this, if you were feeling lucky it would make a lot of sense to try out your luck, Mr Comiskey said.

Amazingly though, all these wins are not enough to secure the Moreton North region the title of luckiest region in Queensland when it comes to playing and winning on the pokies

And The Winner Is…

According to the Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, that honour goes to the Logan-Beaudesert region.

While Gold Coast topped the volume of money returned in metered wins in October this year with $28,816,132.34, it did so with 5991 machines operating. That places the Glitter Strip at fourth on the wins per pokie machine by region with $4809.90.

Logan Beaudesert topped the best returns by machine list with $6036.58, followed by Brisbane South with $5707.15.

And Where did Moreton North End up?

A tidy third with $4972.36 wins per machine (which would be even better at the Beachmere drinking hole).

OK, Just Don’t End Up Here:

And as for the regions to avoid, it is best to not try your luck in the Darling Downs-Maranoa area. The 1347 poker machines there sit bottom on total money returned ($3,263,773.34) and returns per machine ($2422.99)

Want Even Better Odds and a Healthier Return?

Better pokie returns and casino game odds at Spin Palace Mobile Casino
Better pokie returns and casino game odds at Spin Palace Mobile Casino

With an average RTP (Return to Player) rate of 97% you can be assured that your online and mobile gambling experience will be more enjoyable, more engaging and definitely more fruitful!

play spin palace mobile casino on android phones

Visit Spin Palace Online and on your Mobile to access over 400 award winning games from Microgaming, NetEnt, Aristocrat, Bally’s, iGT, Konami and more!

spin palace online casino for australians

5 Epic Fails from the Online Betting World

Everyone loves a well deserved win from time to time but even more enjoyable is seeing some of the magnificent stuff ups and epic fails from the world of gambling, sports betting and online bookmakers. And it’s not like these betting oversights are a rare occurrence as stories of profoundly moronic decisions/wagers and sports bets are as common as the hangover these afore mentioned idiots will inevitably be nursing come morning.

Unlucky Gambles and Outright Stupid Punts

keep your eye on the ball or risk a bad bet online
keep your eye on the ball or risk a bad bet online

Our friends over at Australian Online Betting have already shared some hilarious stories of stupid punts and idiotic bets (Check them out here) but today we thought we’d continue were they left off and share another 5 gambles that are so idiotic as to leave you shaking your head and thinking “Dumb Punt”

We’ve Found 5 More Bad Bets…

High Steaks Poker

Howard Lederer is a well known face in the professional poker circuit, but not everybody may know about his eating habits. The somewhat heavy-set American looks like the type to love a good old greasy burger, but due to health concerns Lederer actually follows a vegan diet eating no meat whatsoever. Or so gambler David Grey thought.

Testing the limits of Lederer's willpower, Grey wagered a hefty $10,000 that Lederer would not eat a juicy cheeseburger. Lederer threw his veganism aside like a worthless bottom pair and launched into the burger, demolishing the beefy concoction and picking up a sweet $10k for his efforts. Never bet against a man and his food.

I Bet You Can’t…Bet That is

Imagine somebody telling you to simply go about your daily business for six week and in exchange you'll receive $100,000. Incredibly, this proved too much for John Hennigan, who simply couldn't resist the temptation of not gambling for any more than two days.

The high-roller is well known for his love of the Vegas strip and all it encompasses, but his friends took it to the next level when they put their money where their mouths are by offering Hennigan a whopping $100k so stop gambling for just six week. Hennigan accepted (obviously) but rather than at least get close to the 6-figure sum he succumb after just two short days, speeding away from the remote area of Des Moines, Iowa and heading straight for the heart of Vegas. Now here is a man with what could possibly be the worst gambling problem combined with the weakest will in history!

A Mammorable Wager and a Right Tit!

Brian Zembic was known as a man that would take on any bet for the right money. Some of his previous winning wagers included living in a bathroom for a month for $15,000, living in a box for a week for $20,000 and sleeping in Central Park for 1 night with $20,000 on his person. What limits could he be pushed to though?

During a game of high stakes backgammon, Zembic's friend offered him $100,000 if he would get breast implants and keep them in for a year. In 1996, Zembic found a cosmetic surgeon who agreed to perform the operation, and at a cost of $4,500 he got the implants done. As part of the wager, Jobo' who placed the bet with Zembic, agreed to pay him $10,000 for every year he kept the implants in. At the end of this year, Zembic's breasts will have earned him a whopping $280,000 which makes it one of the breast wagers between friends ever recorded. It’s also almost guaranteeing that Zembic’s friend will be left feeling like a right tit.

A Real Greek Tragedy

If you had come from a humble background and turned a meagre $50 into a $40 million fortune in just two years, what would you do with the money? For Archie Karas, the unfortunate answer was to simply hand it all back to the casino.

The fearless Greek escalated from gambling on marbles to cards and a fierce infatuation with dice. His unrelenting determination to win paid off, with his gung-ho style reaping dividends to the tune of $40 million. Sadly he didn't know when to count his blessings, playing ultra-high stakes and blowing over $30 million in no time at all. With what little remained he took to the baccarat table betting $300,000 a time to little success.

If onyl he had taken the time to learn where to find the best betting sites this might not have been so tragic

Yellow Card, Red Card, House?!

Manchester United and Arsenal have enjoyed an intriguing rivalry ever since the Premier League era began. From Pizzagate to United putting a halt to Arsenal's 49-game unbeaten streak, the encounters between the Reds and the Gunners is never short of a bit of drama. Apparently, that wasn't enough for a couple of fans, who decided to up the stakes – with one betting his own WIFE on the outcome of the match.

The Ugandan fanatics were exchanging boasts about their respective teams and the situation escalated to the unprecedented wager. Henry Dhabasani placed his wife and Toyota car against one of the Arsenal fan Rashid Yiga's three properties. Despite United's stuttering form, they managed to beat the Arsenal 1-0 leaving Dhabasani's wife with a new home rather than a new husband. An important story to recall next time your significant other bemoans any gambling losses.


The Cup Runneth Over…Waaay Over

Looking for more side splitting ….sporting information? Check out the funniest moments from this year’s Emiratz Melbourne Cup and get some insight into why Australia has a reputation for drinking excessively, throwing money on horses and generally acting like a peanut.

Some poor betting decisions can really hurt
Some poor betting decisions can really hurt

Faith in Humanity Restored – The Best of 2016

Negative Nancy Need Not Apply

The world is so full of negativity – and social media only serves to exacerbate this fact. Let’s remind ourselves what a wonderful world we live in and restore our faith in humanity with this compilation of inspiring photos, heartfelt stories and moments captured in photo that encapsulate the human spirit

Restore Your Faith in Humanity With These 60+ Heart Warming moments captured on camera.

People Before Pokies

While we here at Online Pokies Australia actively promote the playing of online pokies and other gambling related casino games we still believe in humanity above and beyond anything else. So strong is our passion for people over pokies that we decided to put this compilation of wonderful moments together because if anyone is going to accept responsiblity for spreading positive juju its a bunch of Aussie punters who are promoting something that we all know ain’t exactly “charitable”

Enjoy this easing of our conscience compilation of wonderful moments and inspirational people reminding us that you don’t need extreme sports to see that people are awesome

faith in humanity restored - best of 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping the Ultimate Poker Face

Keeping The Perfect Poker Face is one of the most important and often overlooked factors that contribute so much to the results of any given game – and yet it is the least common topic that is discussed by those willing to share their poker tips and impart their wisdom on us… Until now

how to perfect the best poker face - give nothing away

In Poker, having a tell' is perhaps the biggest downfall for most players. Keeping a straight face, or hiding certain emotions, or facial expressions is how you win games. Even the slightest movements can be detected by the best players, just giving them an inkling as to what cards you might have hidden. So what are the best things we can do to prevent this?

Keep Your Face Relaxed

Perhaps one of the hardest things to do. But it can be incredibly helpful when in a match. Any type of expression sacrifices your power in situations with opponents. Clear your mind, loosen your face, shake it around, take a deep breath and simply relax. Being in control is the biggest advantage you can have in poker, being stressed will lose that control. Hiding your reactions is what keeps you focused.

how to perfect the best poker face - give nothing awayRafael Nadal, has been infamous for keeping his focus during Poker tournaments. An expert in keeping his face relaxed, something which he has undoubtedly taken from the Tennis courts, not giving away any clues.

Maintain Eye Contact

An effective way of getting the upper hand, is by locking eyes with opponents and showing that you are confident and aren't easy to intimidate. It also shows that you aren't hiding anything, with absolutely nothing to lose. The best tip for locking eyes, is staring at the bridge of their nose. Making sure not to break gaze first!

Blink Occasionally

how to perfect the best poker face - give nothing awayStaring too hard at any one thing can break your focus and compromise your poker face. Even if you aren't staring at your opponent, looking at your cards or into space too hard can break concentration. It either shows that you aren't fully concentration or that you are perhaps concerned with your chances. Make sure you blink occasionally, simply to stop your eyes drying out.

Make sure that you don't go overboard, however, as blinking excessively can show nervousness. Staring too intensely can also cause your shoulders to bunch up, meaning your posture could suffer.

Keep Your Jaw Relaxed and Lips Together

Your mouth is what keeps your facial muscles together. Any tension, frowns, smiles or smirks is what will influence the rest of your face. Try relaxing your jaw, letting it slack, create some space between your back teeth, open and close your mouth a few times, to try to relax. Try not to show any teeth, visible teeth generally means that your mouth is moving and can give any tiny details away.

Teddy Sheringham, a former England football players, was renowned for keeping his face straight. Sheringham managed to win an incredibly impressive £203,000 during his Poker career and is still ongoing!

Look Straight Ahead

how to perfect the best poker face - give nothing awaySimply looking straight ahead is a great way to keep focus and not give anything away. Looking out of the corners of your eyes can be a little tells, which let your opponent's know that you might have something to hide. Whether it's a good or bad hands, looking straight ahead can be hard to do, but movements like squinting, or even eye brow raising will give away your reaction.

Some people like to wear glasses, or baseball caps. But without any props or extras, these little tips might just make the difference when it comes to winning or losing.

Enjoy these tips for the perfect poker face – and tell us how you go next time 🙂

While these Tips Can help you improve your odds and overall skill levels when playing any form of 5 card poker – they certainly don’t excite or motivate – not like these Poker Face tips:


Final [Bonus] Tip For the Ultimate Poker Face

If you see someone who is unable to differentiate between the eyeball and the earlobe and/or that person tries to speak with their eyes instead of their mouth then chances are that person doesn’t have a very good poker face. Do NOT take advice from these people.

That is all.

how to perfect the best poker face - give nothing away
Do NOT take poker face advice from this person!

Double Down And Giddy Up!

Not having much luck playing the pokies at your local club?

Enjoy the largest range of free casino games and progressive slots with Double Down Casino – the Facebook based social casino app that will have you doubling down and giddying up in no time

double down casino codes free slots play everyday

Cheering and winning or cheering while anticipating a loss or win. High adrenalin rush. This is how punters often feel when they watch sports games or horse racing. Who doesn't want to feel such excitement? Many people want that heart-pumping anticipation; that's why they get into sports betting or horse betting. The good news is one can feel just as giddy without having to place bets on horses or sports team with the latest in interactive gambling experiences – Facebook based social casino apps, apps like Double Down casino. So, what do the Double Down Casino review say?

Doubling up with Double Down Casino

Double Down Casino is a social casino application with over 1 million active Facebook users and an established following of dedicated fans and online pokies lovers. This isn't surprising given the rise in popularity of social casino games AND the fact that DoubleDown Casino is owned by slot machine giants iGT

But what makes Double Down Casino attractive?

double down casino codes free to play everyday
an interactive Casino floor like this just invites you to double down and giddy up!

Double Down Casino is the biggest free online casino. It offers a wide selection of casino games that are comparable to the land-based ones and other online gambling sites. This social casino app lets casino lovers enjoy the same games found in gambling sites such as slots, bingo, poker, video, roulette, and blackjack, to name a few.

Getting started on these games through this app is easy. All it takes is a Facebook account, and one can already enjoy the superb quality casino online games.

Free Slots & Casino Games minus the Complications

double down casino free to play everyday

What's alluring about this Facebook based Social Casino App is the choices it gives to players. Those who enjoy winning at casino games can get all that excitement without shelling out a dime. Playing is free, and getting coins to fund the games is simple. One simply has to invite friends to get those coins. And it definitely helps if these friends are the generous types.

Double Down Casino also realizes that there are many casino games lovers who are not fans of social media, and hence probably do not have a Facebook account. For these individuals, this social casino app has an answer. Those who do not own a Facebook account can still enjoy the games by logging in as a guest for a period of time.

Double Down Casino may not be the sports or an online bookmaker, but it does offer the same excitement offered by betting sites. Probably even better as the games are for free and the level of excitement is just the same as placing bets on horses or sports teams. All the Double Down Casino review say the same thing.

best social casino games and facebook slots apps

Checkout what other people are saying about DoubleDown Casino Slots – positive feedback that consistently puts this Facebook based social casino app in the top 5 for the best social casino apps in 2016

Not Quite as Sweet as You’d Like to Think


While social casino games and facebook slots have grown in popularity, it raises a lot of questions about the ethics around gambling vs gaming and the indirect exposure this provides to children.

The following articles cover these moral questions in more detail and provide us with some insight into where things are and potentially could be headed.






When The Cup Runneth Over. Waaaaay Over.


Welcome to the most official ‘unofficial Melbourne Cup update’. Join us as we take a look at the best and worst moments from the 2016 Emiratz Melbourne Cup and discover how truly feral and bogan-esque we Aussies really are.

But before we dive head first into the cesspit that is the Melbourne Cup aftermath let’s take a look at the other fun side of the Cup – the biggest winners and luckiest gamblers who enjoyed the biggest financial rewards on that first Tuesday in November. Lucky Punts!

2016 Melbourne Cup – The Biggest Losers and Luckiest Punts

And Now Without Further Ado – let us all enjoy the awkward moments and ridiculous antics of punters enjoying the festivities of the 2016 Emiratz Melbourne Cup – a day where Aussies acting like a bunch of retarded pelicans is about the only sure bet.

funny and awkward melbourne cup moments caught on camera

When The Cup Runneth Over….

Funny, Awkward & Embarrassing Moments Caught on Camera

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

No matter how hard I tried, no words can add anything to any of these images – and I would go so far as to say that any and all words used would only serve to detract from the absurdity of it all

The Girl in The Blue Dress

She has a name but luckily for her no one in the media has managed to find out what it is. Forever known as the Blue Dress Girl who enjoyed the 2016 Melbourne Cup more than anyone else, I can only hope her parents live under a rock or something. I would also like to take this moment to point out that from an Australian’s perspective – That was as funny as it was terrible (Muriel) – Love your work Sheila!

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016 funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016 funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016 funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016 funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

The Problem is That Once You Pop…

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

Something tells me the pringles had nothing to do with her inability to stop

Who Want’s To Be a Millionaire?

While many of us dream of picking the first 4 or scoring a $5000 winning Trifecta bet resulting in instant millions, some punters are more than happy to just phone a friend…

melbourne cup 2016 funny moments caught on camera

Other friends apparently dream of being Jockeys. Either that or….. yeah let’s just stick to the jockey part 😉

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

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Creepy Old Men & The Melbourne Cup

Like Halloween is the one day a year when it’s socially acceptable to give lollies to kids, the Melbourne Cup is that one day of the year when all those loony old people who hang around in shopping malls, bus stops and the Coffee line at Macdonalds can come out into the open wearing their wackiest attire – and everyone loves them for it!

Here’s a couple of nutters now:


Part-time Pimp?
Part-time Pimp?

Where’s The Gold Pokies – How I Pick The Winning Character Every Time!


Is that 3 dynamite sticks I see? Scoring the feature on Aristocrat's Where's The Gold Pokies is why we play the game in the first place – it's the same for the thousands of pokie players around the world who rate this game so highly when listing their favourites, hardly surprising considering it’s awesome in every way. Every way but one – one big stinky noticeable way.

Choice Should Be an Integral Part of Life and Not Just a Feature

wheres the gold feature - win more and stress less

As much as I love getting the feature when playing Where's the Gold Pokies, there is an element of it that used to torment me to no end. So much so in fact that this mocking passenger would more often than not take the wheel and drive me to the brink only to leave me in a corner somewhere, curled up in the fetal position and laughing like a bona fide lunatic

I Choose… The WORST Character Possible!!?!

Seriously?!! It’s almost a gift – a gift that noone wants and is non returnable because my ability to pick the WORST character when playing Where’s the Gold Pokies is uncanny. But it’s the consistency with which I pick the losing character that drives me to the point where I’m having an in-depth conversation with 4 spatulas whilst fighting off a monkey who’s been trained in the art of SCUBA. Hectic

i always pick the worst character - wheres the gold damnit

One Feature – Many Creatures

They say that too many cooks will spoil the broth and when it comes to picking the winning character during the where’s the gold pokies feature it seems the old adage applies…. that is it would apply if the cooks in question where game characters and the ‘broth’ that is destined to be spoilt was the resulting feature.

think-before-you-play-online-pokiesOK so in hindsight it seems the old adage doesn’t apply here.
Like at all.
oh well, different folks for different strokes… no wait! …. (oooh this is good. Wait for it)

‘Different Features for Different Creatures’

BOOM! Saved it – and saved it magnificently I might add 😉

Speaking of game characters, let’s meet the team at Where’s the Gold Feature HQ

wheres the gold pokie game characters

Where’s The Gold Game Characters

There are 6 characters that make featured appearances during the Where’ the Gold Free Game mode – and since there are only enough slots for 5 characters you have to wonder whether Aristocrat like conflict, hate prospectors or it’s just an unhealthy combination of them both?
I like to entertain the idea that the game makers at Aristocrat just can’t count. Maybe it’s just me but the thought of pokie game developers who can’t count is amusingly ironic.

You’ve informally met 5 of the guys above, but allow me to formally introduce them all to you, starting of course with the lady who was rudely left out of the above image meeting

stinky pete from toy story looks like wheres the gold pokie machine character

‘Where’s The Gold?’ – Let’s Meet 6 Characters Who Desperately Want to Know

  • Winnie Fortune
  • Professor Gold
  • Peter Panner
  • Happy Lucky
  • Find-doh
  • Mary Money
  • Stinky Pete That Cheeky sod! Stinky Pete the prospector is a familiar face in the halls of Disney Pixar studios and has an open contract for Toy Story 5 through 28. He does not however feature during the Where’s the Gold Free Spins

Where’s The Gold Free Spin Features

game characters in wheres the gold pokies

Pictured left is the feature as it begins and yet another example showing how I pick the best (most winningest) game character for the free game feature. Keep reading to find out the key to picking the winner everytime – you’ll be surprised how obvious it is 😉

Shhhhh – it’s a secret that even Stinky Pete, the prospector from Toy Story is secretly trying to find out for himself



The free spins bonus feature is triggered when three or more scattered dynamite symbols land anywhere on the reels. Players will be awarded up to a maximum of 10 free spins with all wins in the free spins round tripled. In order to reveal the exact number of free spins you will be awarded you will be taken to a separate screen with five interesting and varied characters standing in a row.

At this point you need to choose between one of the 5 characters presented on the screen who will proceed to ‘pan for gold’ – where the ‘gold’ is the total number of free games awarded and the symbols that will substitute to wilds during the free games.

“Yes that’s wonderful and all – but how do we know which one of these characters is going to be the most generous when providing free games and substitute symbols?”

Would You Believe Me If I Told You?

pick winning wheres the gold feature character - its a secretIf I told you what the secret to picking the winning character in Where’s The Gold was – would you even believe me? Amazingly when I shared this secret with my real world gambling friends they told me to stop talking out of my arse and proceeded to ignore all the advice I was trying to share with them!!?!?

I guess the expression “if it seems too good to be true it probably is” is advice we heed at our own detriment. 😉

Assuming you have no intention of doing anything to or at your own detriment – continue reading because I am about to disclose the one secret that reveals which game character is going to win the most during the Where’s the Gold Free Game Feature

The Secret To Picking The Winner Is…

The key to picking the winning character – or should I say to discovering which character is going to be the winningest lies in…

The Mine Shaft and how the light comes down the tunnel. There I said it – but allow me to expand on this secret a little more so that you can understand what clues to look for and how to translate them accordingly.

The Secret is Mine – But You Can Have it Too

secret to winning on pokies is mine - but you can have it

When you first get the free spin feature on Where’s the Gold Pokies you have to make a decision between the 5 characters moving about in front of you. Behind these characters is a background that for all intents and purposes is a static image that provides no interaction or animation – at least that’s what they want you to think.

Look carefully at the beam of light that comes down the mine shaft and you’ll notice that whilst the direction and illumination remain the same, the shape the light beam makes on the mine floor has slight variances that mirror the shadow made by whomever the winning character happens to be in each case.

Look In The Shadows and See The Light

It’s hard to explain how this works and even the screenshots I have provided don’t portray the same clarity you get when actually viewing the game but bear with me and soon you’ll begin to get an idea of what I’m on about and more importantly – how you can apply this to your own gameplay and successfully pick the winning character next time you get the feature

how-to-pick-winning-character-in-wheres-the-gold-pokies-feature-4The winning character in this case was Peter Panner and if you look closely at the shape of the light coming down the mine shaft you can see how it is circular in nature and the same rough diamater as Peter’s shadow.

The shadows for each character is unique for a reason, and the sooner you realise this the sooner you can use the information to your advantage.

I have attached a few more photos showing the results of the ‘gold panning’ and ask that you take some time to view them – no amount of explanation from me (other than what I have provided so far) will give you the knowledge that studying these images and testing the theory for yourself can provide.


Pick the Winning Character by Finding the Pattern


In this instance it is Nugget Ned who is our winningest character – and again the clues have been provided by Aristocrat and are evident within the shape of the light coming down the mine shaft.

Want Proof It Works? How About Video Evidence

Below I have screen recorded myself playing the Free Aristocrat Pokies in the Heart of Vegas and when I got the feature (took long enough sheesh!) I used the clues provided by Aristocrat to ascertain the winning character, picked it and went on to enjoy larger wins than I would have got had I picked a lesser character.

GO ME – but after reading this guide and learning the secrets for yourself it will soon be a case of GO YOU.

Want to Test my Theory?

Play Where’s Thewheres the gold aristocrat pokies online Gold Pokies Online now and see for yourself just how NOT full of crap I am.
CLICK HERE to access Where’s the Gold and a host of other award winning games from Aristocrat, Microgaming, and iGT to name but a few.