Faith in Humanity Restored – The Best of 2016

Negative Nancy Need Not Apply

The world is so full of negativity – and social media only serves to exacerbate this fact. Let’s remind ourselves what a wonderful world we live in and restore our faith in humanity with this compilation of inspiring photos, heartfelt stories and moments captured in photo that encapsulate the human spirit

Restore Your Faith in Humanity With These 60+ Heart Warming moments captured on camera.

People Before Pokies

While we here at Online Pokies Australia actively promote the playing of online pokies and other gambling related casino games we still believe in humanity above and beyond anything else. So strong is our passion for people over pokies that we decided to put this compilation of wonderful moments together because if anyone is going to accept responsiblity for spreading positive juju its a bunch of Aussie punters who are promoting something that we all know ain’t exactly “charitable”

Enjoy this easing of our conscience compilation of wonderful moments and inspirational people reminding us that you don’t need extreme sports to see that people are awesome

faith in humanity restored - best of 2016