5 Epic Fails from the Online Betting World

Everyone loves a well deserved win from time to time but even more enjoyable is seeing some of the magnificent stuff ups and epic fails from the world of gambling, sports betting and online bookmakers. And it’s not like these betting oversights are a rare occurrence as stories of profoundly moronic decisions/wagers and sports bets are as common as the hangover these afore mentioned idiots will inevitably be nursing come morning.

Unlucky Gambles and Outright Stupid Punts

keep your eye on the ball or risk a bad bet online
keep your eye on the ball or risk a bad bet online

Our friends over at Australian Online Betting have already shared some hilarious stories of stupid punts and idiotic bets (Check them out here) but today we thought we’d continue were they left off and share another 5 gambles that are so idiotic as to leave you shaking your head and thinking “Dumb Punt”

We’ve Found 5 More Bad Bets…

High Steaks Poker

Howard Lederer is a well known face in the professional poker circuit, but not everybody may know about his eating habits. The somewhat heavy-set American looks like the type to love a good old greasy burger, but due to health concerns Lederer actually follows a vegan diet eating no meat whatsoever. Or so gambler David Grey thought.

Testing the limits of Lederer's willpower, Grey wagered a hefty $10,000 that Lederer would not eat a juicy cheeseburger. Lederer threw his veganism aside like a worthless bottom pair and launched into the burger, demolishing the beefy concoction and picking up a sweet $10k for his efforts. Never bet against a man and his food.

I Bet You Can’t…Bet That is

Imagine somebody telling you to simply go about your daily business for six week and in exchange you'll receive $100,000. Incredibly, this proved too much for John Hennigan, who simply couldn't resist the temptation of not gambling for any more than two days.

The high-roller is well known for his love of the Vegas strip and all it encompasses, but his friends took it to the next level when they put their money where their mouths are by offering Hennigan a whopping $100k so stop gambling for just six week. Hennigan accepted (obviously) but rather than at least get close to the 6-figure sum he succumb after just two short days, speeding away from the remote area of Des Moines, Iowa and heading straight for the heart of Vegas. Now here is a man with what could possibly be the worst gambling problem combined with the weakest will in history!

A Mammorable Wager and a Right Tit!

Brian Zembic was known as a man that would take on any bet for the right money. Some of his previous winning wagers included living in a bathroom for a month for $15,000, living in a box for a week for $20,000 and sleeping in Central Park for 1 night with $20,000 on his person. What limits could he be pushed to though?

During a game of high stakes backgammon, Zembic's friend offered him $100,000 if he would get breast implants and keep them in for a year. In 1996, Zembic found a cosmetic surgeon who agreed to perform the operation, and at a cost of $4,500 he got the implants done. As part of the wager, Jobo' who placed the bet with Zembic, agreed to pay him $10,000 for every year he kept the implants in. At the end of this year, Zembic's breasts will have earned him a whopping $280,000 which makes it one of the breast wagers between friends ever recorded. It’s also almost guaranteeing that Zembic’s friend will be left feeling like a right tit.

A Real Greek Tragedy

If you had come from a humble background and turned a meagre $50 into a $40 million fortune in just two years, what would you do with the money? For Archie Karas, the unfortunate answer was to simply hand it all back to the casino.

The fearless Greek escalated from gambling on marbles to cards and a fierce infatuation with dice. His unrelenting determination to win paid off, with his gung-ho style reaping dividends to the tune of $40 million. Sadly he didn't know when to count his blessings, playing ultra-high stakes and blowing over $30 million in no time at all. With what little remained he took to the baccarat table betting $300,000 a time to little success.

If onyl he had taken the time to learn where to find the best betting sites this might not have been so tragic

Yellow Card, Red Card, House?!

Manchester United and Arsenal have enjoyed an intriguing rivalry ever since the Premier League era began. From Pizzagate to United putting a halt to Arsenal's 49-game unbeaten streak, the encounters between the Reds and the Gunners is never short of a bit of drama. Apparently, that wasn't enough for a couple of fans, who decided to up the stakes – with one betting his own WIFE on the outcome of the match.

The Ugandan fanatics were exchanging boasts about their respective teams and the situation escalated to the unprecedented wager. Henry Dhabasani placed his wife and Toyota car against one of the Arsenal fan Rashid Yiga's three properties. Despite United's stuttering form, they managed to beat the Arsenal 1-0 leaving Dhabasani's wife with a new home rather than a new husband. An important story to recall next time your significant other bemoans any gambling losses.


The Cup Runneth Over…Waaay Over

Looking for more side splitting ….sporting information? Check out the funniest moments from this year’s Emiratz Melbourne Cup and get some insight into why Australia has a reputation for drinking excessively, throwing money on horses and generally acting like a peanut.

Some poor betting decisions can really hurt
Some poor betting decisions can really hurt