British Based Bookies Bustle for a Piece of the Tatts Group Pie

British bookmakers William Hill and Ladbrokes are believed to be circling the wagering arm of Tatts Group, according to sources, as the company remains at the centre of a USD $7.3 Billion power struggle between its Australian rival Tabcorp and a Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Macquarie-backed consortium, the Australian reported…

Bloody hell… Tatts not a bad buy for a bunch of broke lads!

Earlier this year, Tatts and Tabcorp agreed on a scrip deal for Tabcorb to buy the company for what is now valuing the company at $4.10 a share in an offer that is said to generate $130 million in synergies. At the time, the offer was worth $4.34 a share. The deal currently values Tatts at just over $6bn and values the wagering arm at 70c a share.

TAB and Ladbrokes Merger talks

Learn more about the acquisition here

Last week, the Pacific Consortium offered to pay shareholders between $4.40 and $5 for Tatts. Shareholders would receive a $3.40 a share cash payment for the lotteries arm and would be paid in scrip for the wagering arm, which the consortium expects to equate to $1.60 a share. The Pacific Consortium says its offer is 18 times the company's earnings.

Sources close to Tatts say the two separate offers remained under consideration, but weakening the prospects for the Pacific Consortium was that the company had not yet guaranteed $1.60 a share in scrip for the Tatts wagering arm.

It was only when that occurred that the Tatts board would face a more real dilemma about what deal to back

Some are betting that the situation will play out where the Pacific Consortium does in fact guarantee $1.60 a share for wagering before Tabcorp increases its offer in what has been described as a do or die situation for Tabcorp.

tabcorp and ladbrokes merger talks - again

The price of $1.60 a share for the Tatts wagering operations equates to a value of 11 times its earnings, and sceptics have questioned whether the division is really worth such a rich multiple.

A Young Offer That’s Already Over The Hill

William Hill generates £189.9m in annual profit and, in addition to its online sportsbook operations the company offers online gambling games.

London-based Online Sports Betting Site Ladbrokes boasts £5.1m of annual income, and there were unfounded rumours that it was eyeing Tatts Group in the weeks before the Pacific Consortium emerged.

Consolidation is unfolding among global betting companies amid a period in which they are facing disruption from the internet, and both parties are widely thought to be eager to expand their footprint in the Australian market.

The situation is interesting from the perspective of industry disruption

Ladbrokes and William Hill entered the Australian betting market in 2013 and have aggressively brokered a range of sponsorships with sporting clubs.

William Hill is licensed in the Northern Territory and Ladbrokes on Norfolk Island. The pair have been stealing market share from Tatts and Tabcorp while operating in territories that pay less tax than the latter parties based in Queensland and Victoria.

Should one of the British groups secure the wagering arm of Tatts, some question whether they will operate the business out of their current jurisdictions, although there are said to be plans afoot to change the rules for companies operating out of the Northern Territory.

Macquarie had tried to strike a deal to buy Tatts Group mid-year but its plans were thwarted when Brookfield pulled out of the consortium and was replaced only recently by KKR.

Tabcorp is advised by UBS, which recently raided the Tatts share register on its client's behalf, securing a 10 per cent blocking stake in the target, while Tatts is advised by Goldman Sachs.

What You’ve Missed….

It's definitely 'Game On' for Ladbrokes as they look to merge with and acquire TABCorp and the Tatts Group
It’s definitely ‘Game On’ for Ladbrokes as they look to merge with and acquire TABCorp and the Tatts Group

November 29th 2016

Ladbrokes Coral is reportedly weighing up a bid for Australia's largest bookie in a deal that would cost the betting giant more than USD 2.5B

The company, which completed its £2.4bn merger only a few weeks ago, has appointed advisers to assess a bid for Tabcorp, the Mail on Sunday reported.

Ladbrokes is not believed to be preparing a statement for the stock market opening on Monday morning, suggesting that any potential bid is in its early stages and not a certainty.

Tabcorp, which runs a network of high-street bookies, electronic games in pubs and clubs, and a handful of pay TV channels, is believed to have been in Ladbrokes' sites for some years, reportedly turning down a bid in 2013, while its chief executive David Attenborough cut his teeth in the industry at Ladbrokes.

Its hand may have been forced by Tabcorp's proposed A$6.4bn (£3.8bn) acquisition of fellow bookie Tatts.

Ladbrokes is reportedly interested only in Tabcorp, and may have to crash the deal in order to scupper it

The merger between the two Australian companies, meant to ward off growing UK competition in the market, is also expected to face scrutiny from competition regulators, which blocked such a deal 10 years ago.

Tabcorp has a market capitalisation of A$3.9bn (£2.3bn). An acquisition at that price would would create a company worth around £5bn, making it one of the world's biggest betting groups and catapulting it into the FTSE 100.


Gaming companies have been forced to consolidate in recent years as regulation and tax measures squeeze their margins

Ladbrokes and Gala Coral completed their merger at the start of this month, and Paddy Power and Betfair also merged at the start of this year.

British groups are also looking down under for growth since the deregulation of gambling licences in 2012. Ladbrokes itself has already bought Australian bookmakers Betstar and, although a deal for Tabcorp would eclipse both.

The company, which offers sports betting as well as Keno, a lottery-style game and owns the Australian Sky Racing channels, had revenues of A$2.2bn last year and pre-tax profits of A$301m.

5 Epic Fails from the Online Betting World

Everyone loves a well deserved win from time to time but even more enjoyable is seeing some of the magnificent stuff ups and epic fails from the world of gambling, sports betting and online bookmakers. And it’s not like these betting oversights are a rare occurrence as stories of profoundly moronic decisions/wagers and sports bets are as common as the hangover these afore mentioned idiots will inevitably be nursing come morning.

Unlucky Gambles and Outright Stupid Punts

keep your eye on the ball or risk a bad bet online
keep your eye on the ball or risk a bad bet online

Our friends over at Australian Online Betting have already shared some hilarious stories of stupid punts and idiotic bets (Check them out here) but today we thought we’d continue were they left off and share another 5 gambles that are so idiotic as to leave you shaking your head and thinking “Dumb Punt”

We’ve Found 5 More Bad Bets…

High Steaks Poker

Howard Lederer is a well known face in the professional poker circuit, but not everybody may know about his eating habits. The somewhat heavy-set American looks like the type to love a good old greasy burger, but due to health concerns Lederer actually follows a vegan diet eating no meat whatsoever. Or so gambler David Grey thought.

Testing the limits of Lederer's willpower, Grey wagered a hefty $10,000 that Lederer would not eat a juicy cheeseburger. Lederer threw his veganism aside like a worthless bottom pair and launched into the burger, demolishing the beefy concoction and picking up a sweet $10k for his efforts. Never bet against a man and his food.

I Bet You Can’t…Bet That is

Imagine somebody telling you to simply go about your daily business for six week and in exchange you'll receive $100,000. Incredibly, this proved too much for John Hennigan, who simply couldn't resist the temptation of not gambling for any more than two days.

The high-roller is well known for his love of the Vegas strip and all it encompasses, but his friends took it to the next level when they put their money where their mouths are by offering Hennigan a whopping $100k so stop gambling for just six week. Hennigan accepted (obviously) but rather than at least get close to the 6-figure sum he succumb after just two short days, speeding away from the remote area of Des Moines, Iowa and heading straight for the heart of Vegas. Now here is a man with what could possibly be the worst gambling problem combined with the weakest will in history!

A Mammorable Wager and a Right Tit!

Brian Zembic was known as a man that would take on any bet for the right money. Some of his previous winning wagers included living in a bathroom for a month for $15,000, living in a box for a week for $20,000 and sleeping in Central Park for 1 night with $20,000 on his person. What limits could he be pushed to though?

During a game of high stakes backgammon, Zembic's friend offered him $100,000 if he would get breast implants and keep them in for a year. In 1996, Zembic found a cosmetic surgeon who agreed to perform the operation, and at a cost of $4,500 he got the implants done. As part of the wager, Jobo' who placed the bet with Zembic, agreed to pay him $10,000 for every year he kept the implants in. At the end of this year, Zembic's breasts will have earned him a whopping $280,000 which makes it one of the breast wagers between friends ever recorded. It’s also almost guaranteeing that Zembic’s friend will be left feeling like a right tit.

A Real Greek Tragedy

If you had come from a humble background and turned a meagre $50 into a $40 million fortune in just two years, what would you do with the money? For Archie Karas, the unfortunate answer was to simply hand it all back to the casino.

The fearless Greek escalated from gambling on marbles to cards and a fierce infatuation with dice. His unrelenting determination to win paid off, with his gung-ho style reaping dividends to the tune of $40 million. Sadly he didn't know when to count his blessings, playing ultra-high stakes and blowing over $30 million in no time at all. With what little remained he took to the baccarat table betting $300,000 a time to little success.

If onyl he had taken the time to learn where to find the best betting sites this might not have been so tragic

Yellow Card, Red Card, House?!

Manchester United and Arsenal have enjoyed an intriguing rivalry ever since the Premier League era began. From Pizzagate to United putting a halt to Arsenal's 49-game unbeaten streak, the encounters between the Reds and the Gunners is never short of a bit of drama. Apparently, that wasn't enough for a couple of fans, who decided to up the stakes – with one betting his own WIFE on the outcome of the match.

The Ugandan fanatics were exchanging boasts about their respective teams and the situation escalated to the unprecedented wager. Henry Dhabasani placed his wife and Toyota car against one of the Arsenal fan Rashid Yiga's three properties. Despite United's stuttering form, they managed to beat the Arsenal 1-0 leaving Dhabasani's wife with a new home rather than a new husband. An important story to recall next time your significant other bemoans any gambling losses.


The Cup Runneth Over…Waaay Over

Looking for more side splitting ….sporting information? Check out the funniest moments from this year’s Emiratz Melbourne Cup and get some insight into why Australia has a reputation for drinking excessively, throwing money on horses and generally acting like a peanut.

Some poor betting decisions can really hurt
Some poor betting decisions can really hurt

When The Cup Runneth Over. Waaaaay Over.


Welcome to the most official ‘unofficial Melbourne Cup update’. Join us as we take a look at the best and worst moments from the 2016 Emiratz Melbourne Cup and discover how truly feral and bogan-esque we Aussies really are.

But before we dive head first into the cesspit that is the Melbourne Cup aftermath let’s take a look at the other fun side of the Cup – the biggest winners and luckiest gamblers who enjoyed the biggest financial rewards on that first Tuesday in November. Lucky Punts!

2016 Melbourne Cup – The Biggest Losers and Luckiest Punts

And Now Without Further Ado – let us all enjoy the awkward moments and ridiculous antics of punters enjoying the festivities of the 2016 Emiratz Melbourne Cup – a day where Aussies acting like a bunch of retarded pelicans is about the only sure bet.

funny and awkward melbourne cup moments caught on camera

When The Cup Runneth Over….

Funny, Awkward & Embarrassing Moments Caught on Camera

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

No matter how hard I tried, no words can add anything to any of these images – and I would go so far as to say that any and all words used would only serve to detract from the absurdity of it all

The Girl in The Blue Dress

She has a name but luckily for her no one in the media has managed to find out what it is. Forever known as the Blue Dress Girl who enjoyed the 2016 Melbourne Cup more than anyone else, I can only hope her parents live under a rock or something. I would also like to take this moment to point out that from an Australian’s perspective – That was as funny as it was terrible (Muriel) – Love your work Sheila!

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016 funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016 funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016 funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016 funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

The Problem is That Once You Pop…

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

Something tells me the pringles had nothing to do with her inability to stop

Who Want’s To Be a Millionaire?

While many of us dream of picking the first 4 or scoring a $5000 winning Trifecta bet resulting in instant millions, some punters are more than happy to just phone a friend…

melbourne cup 2016 funny moments caught on camera

Other friends apparently dream of being Jockeys. Either that or….. yeah let’s just stick to the jockey part 😉

funny awkward embarrassing moments caught on camera Melbourne Cup 2016

We would like to extend a huge thanks for the Photos and the laughter provided originally by – follow link below to see original source images

Creepy Old Men & The Melbourne Cup

Like Halloween is the one day a year when it’s socially acceptable to give lollies to kids, the Melbourne Cup is that one day of the year when all those loony old people who hang around in shopping malls, bus stops and the Coffee line at Macdonalds can come out into the open wearing their wackiest attire – and everyone loves them for it!

Here’s a couple of nutters now:


Part-time Pimp?
Part-time Pimp?

Footy Tips that Are Less AFL and More FAiL


some afl footy tips are laced with bullshit Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson knows Bullshit AFL Footy Tips when he sees them

With the popularity of online sports betting in Australia (and throughout the western world for that matter) growing exponentially, literally thousands of websites are trying to capitalise on the punting boom by offering AFL footy tips. No matter how much the website owner might try to convince you that he's got insider info, hot tips or sure-win secrets, however, it's clear that at least 70% of these so-called tips are a big steaming pile of horse dung. We've seen some pretty terrible advice in our time, but these awful AFL footy tips really take the cake.

4 AFL Footy Tips that Suck Worse Than Collingwood

If you want to stand a half decent chance of winning the 2017 seasons’ AFL Footy Tipping Competition then you need to listen to the following worldly advice. Not only are these 4 bad tips widely shared and commonly followed, they are also the reason the average punter is well, the average punter 😉

*EDIT – With the recent confirmation that Sportsbet will indeed be holding their million dollar footy tipping competition in 2017 there’s even more reason to take things a little more serious this upcoming footy season and use these 4 AFL footy Tipping …tips to good use.

  1. Backing Teams Because of a Hot Streak

You'll see loads of self-proclaimed experts making this mistake, even the big sports magazines and newspapers. They'll present a team as a sure-win just because the team's on a winning streak. That certainly seems intuitively appealing. After all, form is a huge factor in sports, and a team in good form and high morale is likely to play better. However, smart sports betters don't treat a team's current form as the decisive factor. First of all, the more games a team wins, the lower the returns from backing that team. Bookmakers aren't likely to give you 9:1 odds on the team that's topping the table. Second, don't underestimate the impact that an easy run of fixtures or even sheer dumb luck can have on a team's form. Look at all the information when you're researching AFL footy tips, and not just the team's win ratio in the past five games!

afl footy tipping advice includes hot streaks NOT streakers I said Hot STREAKS.. ? SMH who hired this guy anyway?

  1. Randomly Increasing Stakes

Losing bettors have a certain betting pattern – if they lose one weekend, they'll bet loads more the next weekend to try and win their money back. This is a sure-fire way to lose your bankroll. As experienced gamblers know, bet sizes should be determined in advance and judiciously calculated according to your bankroll size. Bet sizes should only be increased when your bankroll increases, i.e. when you've won enough to up your stakes!

meaty afl footy tipping advice Stakes not st…… You know what, never mind

  1. Too Many Sportsbooks

Sure, diversification is a part of any successful investment strategy – but that doesn't mean that you have to spread out your betting among five different sportsbooks every weekend to succeed. Many websites advise you to do so because they get commissions and ad revenue from bookmakers, and it's therefore in their interests for you to join as many bookmakers as possible. But if you follow this terrible AFL footy tip, you lose out on VIP points and make it harder for yourself to keep track of bet expenditure. It's a recipe for disaster.

These sporting books are a sure bet in all markets Books. About sports. OK Yes #Iseewhatyoudidthere
Yes it’s wonderful. Very clever. (Ijit)

  1. Betting every weekend

Bookies are the biggest offenders when it comes to this particular clunker. They'll tell you not to miss out on their great odds next weekend or offer you free bets for next week's games. The winning punter, however, is the punter that bets only when he sees a good opportunity and a clear advantage. Don't forget that bookmakers weigh the odds judiciously to maintain a massive advantage over their clients. If you play every week, you play right into their trap, because they'll be winning most of the time. Bet only when you're sure they've missed out some vital information and gotten their odds wrong.

There'a fine line between a hobby and a habbit There’a fine line between a hobby and a habbit