How To Win On Pokies

How To Win On Pokies – BS Free Slot Machine Tips

Congratulations for finding the ONLY BULLSHIT-FREE SLOT MACHINE TIPS GUIDE ONLINE – And the only Online Pokies Website that admits straight off the bat that no trick/cheat/hack/or special move is going to increase your odds of winning on slot machines and pokies games. This is why I don’t like using the term ‘How To Win On Pokies’ – because apart from being misleading it’s also a blatant lie. It’s not about knowing the right technique or ‘system’ but rather comes down to having a strategy in place – a strategy built around knowledge and common sense…

Welcome to ‘Strategize-2-Maximize’ The Only Online Pokies Guide that will provide you with the skills to Last Longer playing the pokies, spend less money per spin, and have a boatload more fun during the process. The results of this is usually more wins but as this isn’t guaranteed our focus remains on the time and enjoyment factor as well as the cost per press – the most important factor of all.

Are you Suffering from premature Pokie-machine? Nothing worse than looking forward to your time with the pokies only to find you've blown your wad (of cash) within minutes of arriving!

Now thanks to Online Pokies Australia’s Tips and Tricks you can be assured your next experience playing the pokies will be one you can both cherish and look back on with fondness – because not only are we going to triple the amount of time you spend playing the pokies, we're going to show you how to push all the right buttons so she responds the way we want her to.

Stick with me here, because when we're done with these slot machine tips you'll be bringing your next pokie to a climactic bonus and getting her re-spinning and showing you her features like it's nobody's business 😉


learn how to win on pokies with these slot machine tips

Assuming you kept up with the reference and are not bitterly dissapointed that I am not presenting you with a Viagra presciption let’s explore the logical side of pokies and gambling and discover whether applying this most rare of gifts will help show us how to win on the Pokies and how to win slots. So sit back and enjoy these Slot Machine Tips courtesy of Online Pokies Australia

Can We Increase The Odds & Win on Pokies More Often?

The logical mind says of course not! I mean let's look at this through the eyes of said logical mind. A pokie is a computer, and as such it works on algorithms and other confusing computer stuff – but to dumb it down to its simplest form a casino slots machine works by generating an algorithm – referred to as a Random Number Generator (RNG) that literally creates a random choice of numbers or reels which then spin and lock into place according to whatever Random Number has been generated. Therefore it is fair to say that each and every press of the pokie machine is creating a unique set of options as different from the last as it will be from the next. At no stage are the random spin results recorded and as such the randomness of the next choice is not bias or using any existing memory. This truly creates a random result for each and every spin as it is treated like the first spin' the machine has ever done. You can't average out the results from nothing 😉

Probability in Theory

Mathematics is a universal language and is the one true constant in an ever changing world (1 will always be 1 which will always be half of 2 – and nothing will ever change that) and within mathematics is something called the Probability Theory.

Probability is the measure of the likelihood that an event will occur. It is quantified as either 0 or 1, (1 indicates certainty and 0 indicates impossibility) and in the example of a simple coin toss with a fair and unbiased coin the outcome would be 50/50 or 50% – regardless of how many times the coin was tossed. Logic says that if the coin has landed on its head 10 times in a row that the PROBABILITY of it being a tail is much higher – but logic has no place in a game of chance like coin tossing. Let's examine that further€¦


learn how to win on pokies with these slot machine tips
DAMNIT! Forgot to carry the 1 and have to start over


Logic Has No Place in a Game of Chance

Gambling is exactly that – a game of chance. The fact that the 50/50 odds of a tossed dice have been replaced with the 1 in 6.5million odds of a jackpot being spun means we need to remove every nuance of logic and start thinking in the abstract. Stop looking at the trees and come enjoy the view of the forest – because when you play pokies with the end goal and big picture in mind you start to see clearly and the answer to increasing your odds of winning, lasting longer and enhancing your game play on this particular pokie is so obvious it hurts.

Practice makes Perfect

They say practice makes perfect, and sure if you're playing a game of tennis or throwing darts then yeah, practicing will indeed help you improve as you develop muscle memory and fine tune your overall skills. But Pokies?

When researching strategies to increase your odds on the pokies I came across many tips that referred to practicing and advising that playing the pokie a few times helps you get better at it and gives you more chance of winning?! Wait. What??!

How can pressing buttons that generate a repetitive Ranom Number Generating Algorithm constitute practice in any way, shape or form? Practicing by pressing buttons on the pokies doesn't make perfect – it makes broke!

BUT. Practicing the pokies when you actually know why you are doing it and what the purpose of this practice' is results in information that has the potential to swing the odds in your favour.

The Secret To Effective Practice' on the Pokies

Practicing on a pokie means looking at the combinations and pay lines because there is ALWAYS a favourable way to bet (in terms of lines, multiplier, method, timing, variance) but unless you study the game, the wins, the randomes of it all – you will never have the information needed to arm yourself with the winning multiplier and line combination. So next time you play a pokie, whether for real money at your local pub or through one of our recommend online casinos I strongly suggest you spend some time practicing' and as you do look at the combination of lines against the multiplier. Look at the high paying jackpots and value of getting 3 of a kind versus 5 of a kind.

What you start to notice is that there are potential options for you to bet less per hit whilst increasing the amount you could potentially win each time.

Example: I play Indian Dreaming at my local pub which is laid out in the typical 243 line format that is common of many modern Aristrocrat pokies and slot machines. Now I personally like to play 10 credits a line so that if and when I win something it is multiplied by 10 and effectively makes even a 50c win a healthy $5 collect. I then do NOT select all 25 lines as this would cost me $2.50 for each and every hit – and quite frankly I can't afford to spend my money at that sort of rate, so I take the option to only play the first 3 lines which apparently only offers 7 lines and therefore only costs me 70c a press. BUT – and this is where the tip earns its praise – when you bet the first 3 lines on any of the 243 line pokies you still get the middle line of reels 4 and 5 activated – meaning the chance of getting 4 or 5 of a kind still exist, except now instead of 1 credit per line you get payouts at 10. Furthermore – and we can go back to Mathematics here – the odds of getting 4 or 5 of a kind are much lower than getting 3 of a kind so now you have increased your return rate by allowing yourself to get 10x the winnings on 3 of a kind wins which as we just established are guaranteed to occur more often than 4 or 5 of a kind.

Overall utilizing this method of playing the pokies does not guarantee that you will win more – but it does guarantee that you will last longer and spend a lot less on the pokies over the course of an evening. Logic does dictate however that the longer you spend playing the more your chances of winning a large jackpot increase – so it is fair then to say that THIS STRATEGY WILL INDEED INCREASE YOUR ODDS OF WINNING ON THE POKIES.

how to win on pokies with aristocrat 243 Reel Ways Pokies

The above image illustrates exactly what I am talking about above. By betting only 5 credits per line on 7 lines we are only paying 35c per bet, but as shown from this win, the player is still getting the fourth and fifth lines paying (centre only) but on 5 credits instead of 1 (and a total cost of 10c over the full 25c bet on 1 credit per line) so in this instance the player will win $25.00 from a 35c bet as apposed to $5.00 from a 25c bet. Common sense people. It's not rocket science (mind you it is almost as rare a trait these days)

Other Tips Showing How to Win On Pokies?

Maybe not so much to help with the winnings, but definitely the enjoyment – and that's winning!

Read the Rules | Online Casino Facts

The Interactive Gambling Act (2001) is the policies and laws governing internet gambling in Australia. Every country has one and I recommend finding the Act relevant to you and making sure you are within your legal rights to be partaking in online gambling activities in any way shape or form. Also make sure the Online Casino you are visiting is reputable – I would recommend reading some of our Online Casino Reviews or simply searching for the casino in Google with the word review after it – you will get a lot of reviews although keep in mind many of these are written by people who seek to profit from your joining so in many instances the reviews or bias and not based on even the slightest fragment of truth.

Online Gambling is one of the most policed and restricted areas – mainly because of the fact Gambling is illegal in many countries but the internet is obviously not restricted by borders and ocean. As such there are many less than reputable online casinos out there and it is imperative that you read all the rules and fine print before handing over your hard earned money. This is another reason why we strongly recommend only a select few casinos – ones that have been awarded consistently for service and customer satisfaction.

Check out Spin Palace – it is our No. 1 Recommended online casino and provides over 300 free pokies to play online for fun or real money.

SpinPalace Free $1000 Signup Banner

Bet in Moderation

Even when you are sure that you are ready to bet, don't get too overwhelmed. Bet only a portion of your money or try to keep it to the minimal otherwise you will end up losing the majority of it in a relatively short amount of time – instantly dulling your playing experience and not providing you with a chance to get to know the game, understand the wins and put yourself in the best position to get that generous payout and/or feature. Remember this rule even when you have become an experienced pokies player – you don't want to end up being a $5 a hit- with a drinks coaster – sort of gambler do you? Nah me neither!

Be Smart with Your Cash Outs and Win Receipts

Another traditional rule that works even for other online casino games is to cash out often. When you have won a $100, cash out about 50% and play the other half. By placing a cap on your bets you will be able to win and master any game of pokies.

Watch out for the different combinations

This is the most important rule of all – that being to understand the winning combinations and other options of the pokie machine you are playing. There are jackpot combinations and other shapes and design combinations or some kinds of combinations allow you to multiply your wins or even triple your win! – Again I cannot say it enough The More you understand the machine and the combinations required to win the better equipped you will be to maximise your own chance.

Stop Chasing that Feature!

Too often I see my mates (and myself) losing a large chunk of the money I had budgeted for pokies simply because they are chasing that feature' that has so far eluded them. If you are playing a machine solely for the feature then chances are they you'll never get it at all. Actually even greater is the odds that you will finally get a feature and win less than $10 – leaving you holding your empty beer and wallet and wondering WTF happened to the last 20 minutes of your life.

learn how to win on pokies and what your real odds are

Online Pokies – Competitions and Incentives

Unlike the land based casino slots that we have come to know, the pokies and slot machines available online are often connected to incentivized offers, progressive jackpots and in house online casino offers. Take note of these as very often there will be pokies and slots that will almost guarantee you win something – even if its just a voucher to play more pokies!

The Online Casino Of Your Choice

When it comes to dodgy operators and less than honest services, the online gambling and casino industry is unfortunately rife with them. When you are looking for an online casino to invest your time and money in stick just to recommended casino sites that offer pokies from online consumer reviews sites. There are also websites dedicated to pokies games where you can find legit casinos together with reviews and information about the site. You may also conduct your own casino review and narrow down your choice of casino to at least three of the best – or you could just save your time and check out the top 3 Australian Online Casinos and make a decision – where every choice is the right one!

spin palace best rated australian online casino

Check out our Reviews of the Best Australian Online Casinos below.

SPIN PALACE – Australian Online Casino Review

JACKPOT CITY – Australian Online Casino Review

RUBY FORTUNE – Australian Online Casino Review

CABARET CLUB – Australian Online Casino Review

Dynamic and Progressive Jackpots

Progressive and Dynamic Jackpots are nothing new, especially for those based in the United States where almost all Casinos have inhouse progressive Jackpot networks worth millions of dollars. In Australia we had Lasseters Loot which capped at around $50,000 – small change in comparison. Now thanks to the world of online casinos and online pokies you can access and play a whole range of pokies games and online slots that are connected to progressive networks, networks like the Microgaming Mega Moolah Progressive Slots game that has already paid out over $600million USD to lucky players around the world. Learn more about Mega Moolah and why it’s affectionately called the ‘Millionaire Maker’

mega moolah progressive slots - play now


Check out the top Ten Progressive Jackpot Wins from both online casinos and their real world counterparts, or learn about the biggest casino heists and online scams in history, plus more interesting facts and amazing records! Simply follow this link here

Know Your Limits

If $1000 does not seem like much money to you then spend it all and hey, good luck mate! – If however $1000 is a heap of money and would pay your rent and buy food for the month then make sure you don't have access to that much when you go to the pub. The biggest killer is ourselves so make sure that you protect yourself€¦ from you €¦ before heading out by removing any and all options for spending more than you should.

Think you might have a gambling problem? Visit our Gambling Help Page for a complete list of resources and services.

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