How To Play Pokies

Learn How To Play Pokies

Do you want to know how to play the Pokies but are not sure of the rules? This page explains how 3 and 5 reel pokie games are played and some helpful hints to get you started. Whether you’re playing in an RSL, casino or online, there are hundreds of game choices available but the concept is the same throughout – that being to match multiple symbols across all the reels to get the best winning combination. Whether 3 or 5 reel, pokies use matching Symbols across the reels to create a winning combination. To see understand the best payout of matching symbols for the Pokie game you are playing, refer to the view payout option on the screen (usually found in the bottom left or right of the game screen).

Note that understanding how the pokie pays out for various paylines is imperative if you want to maximise your time and playing enjoyment – refer to our How to Increase your Odds and Enjoyment on Pokies

What Options Do Slots and Pokies Give Me?

When playing slot machines and pokies the majority of the thinking (read: programming) is done for you and as such the requisite skills and memory required are minimal at best. That does not mean that playing pokies online or off is a brainless activity – sure the uneducated masses will tell you its mindless ,but if you have read our Strategize to Maximize article then you’ll know first hand what I am talking about. The main two options provided by the majority of slot machines and pokies is the amount yu want to bet and the number of lines you wish to play. Other options which you cannot change but are still a way of getting options when playing pokies is the type of machine and format of its reels. Some machines operate on a 5 reel with 20 – 25 lines in play. Others use a three reel format with only 9 symbols in play – personally I like the 243 ways sysstems which basicall y do away with the traditional ‘lines’ and pay on a left to right basis – regardless.

Find the Pokie With Your Name on It

The first step is to find a casino game you like and then spend some time playing it free. Most of the online pokies we have available offer a free and real money pokies option and it is our recommendation that you play it free for a little while so you can ascertain 1: whther you like it, and 2: what featurees, bonuses and paylines are offered (understand the game is key remember) There are hundreds of online pokies games available for FREE download or to Play Onlineand even though Aristocrat Pokies have not been made available to play for real money online there are hundreds of alternatives for your favourites like Queen of the Nile, Indian Dreaming, 5 Dragons, Lucky 88, Where’s The Gold and many many more!

Click the link (image) below to download the suite of free online pokies and start enjoying the same bonuses and features you have come to love – all from the comfort of your own home.

Spin Palace take a spin


Setting your bets

Select your Pay lines, select your Coins and if your playing online, set your Coin Size (If you’re playing at the RSL or Casino, your basically doing this by selecting your machine, 1 cent, $1 etc).

Going for a spin

When you’re ready to go, there are a number of ways you can start the reels spinning for your chance of glory!

  1. Go for a single spin by hitting the Spin button. This will play the coin and lines you have selected.
  2. Hit the Bet Max button. This will play the maximum number of pay lines and coin for the selected coin size.
  3. Feeling lazy? Why not let the game do the work for you. Hit the Autoplay button to let the game automatically play for you. You can set this option to stop after a certain number of spins, on a win, jackpot or a feature.You can stop autoplay at any time by pressing the ‘Stop’ button which replaces the Spin button during autoplay.

A lucky (re) spin FEATURE!

If you’re lucky enough, you can match Bonus or Scatter symbols across the reel which unleash the bonus features of the game you are playing (once again, the bonuses available can be seen in the ‘view payout’ screen). The bonus can be additional winnings or Free Spins which will automatically spin for the nominated amount of times without costing you any additional credits.


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