Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, Casino Evil

Hear No Evil & Speak No Evil – We All Know That.

But Did You Know: Casino Evil?

Casino Evil - dont speak or hear it either

We’ve all heard about the three wise monkeys of ancient folklore, sometimes called the three mystic apes but just how much did you know about this trio of bipeds? Let’s Speak Hear and See if we can’t find out where it all came from and what if anything is the meaning behind it all…

The 3 Wise Monkey’s Don’t Gamble. #JustSaying

3 wise monkeys agree Casino Evil

More About The 3 Wise Monkeys

The three wise monkeys (Japanese: 三猿 Hepburn: san’en or sanzaru?, alternatively 三匹の猿 sanbiki no saru, literally “three monkeys”), sometimes called the three mystic apes, are a pictorial maxim. Together they embody the proverbial principle “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.

The three monkeys are:

  • Mizaru, covering his eyes, who sees no evil
  • Kikazaru, covering his ears, who hears no evil, and
  • Iwazaru, covering his mouth, who speaks no evil.

There are various meanings ascribed to the monkeys and the proverb including associations with being of good mind, speech and action. In the Western world the phrase is often used to refer to those who deal with impropriety by turning a blind eye.

Outside Japan the monkeys’ names are sometimes given as Mizaru, Mikazaru, and Mazaru, as the last two names were corrupted from the Japanese originals. The monkeys are Japanese macaques, a common species in Japan.

modern version of see, speak and hear no evil
modern version of see, speak and hear no evil

The True Origins of the Expression

Despite Wiki and other sources citing the origins as being Japanese, I have it on good authority that this is far from the case, and the truth it seems is far more strange than anything anyone could make up.

Sometimes there is a fourth monkey depicted, Shizaru, who symbolizes the principle of “do no evil”. He may be shown crossing his arms or covering his genitals. In another variation, a fourth monkey is depicted with a sulking posture and the caption “have no fun”.[citation needed]

According to Osho Rajneesh, the monkey symbolism originated in ancient Hindu tradition and Buddhist monks spread this symbolism across Asia. The original Hindu and Buddhist version contains 4 monkeys and the fourth monkey covers his genitals.The Buddhist version means this as “Don’t do anything evil”.

Modern take on this 4th monkey is less about the doing and more about the giving – specifically looking at the number of fucks being allocated.

The example shown clearly displays the number of fucks given as 0

The 4th Wise Monkey Actually Has Some Profoundly Helpful Advice

In Hindu original version the meaning of the fourth monkey is totally different from the popular Buddhist version. It means, “Hide your pleasures. Hide your enjoyment, don’t show it to anybody.”

Basically what they are saying is that if you win a jackpot at the casino then don’t tell anyone or show them because they will want some of it and then the taxman will claim some and then the government and some kid you didn’t even know you had will show up demanding a cut and before you know it you are worse off than when you started?!?! Hide your winnings is what they were trying to tell us.

Hide your wheelbarrow too. Looks suss unless you have a couple of hoes in the back or something.

The following images better portray the true origins and hint at the meaning behind the ancient Japanese proverb.

Casino Evil indeed.

CASINO EVIL with Mogul’s with James Packer and Sheldon Adelson

hear no evil and speak no evil and Casino Evil

hear no evil and speak no evil and Casino Evil

hear no evil and speak no evil and Casino Evil

But Be Sure to ALWAYS Laugh with Evil. Dr Evil that is

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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping the Ultimate Poker Face

Keeping The Perfect Poker Face is one of the most important and often overlooked factors that contribute so much to the results of any given game – and yet it is the least common topic that is discussed by those willing to share their poker tips and impart their wisdom on us… Until now

how to perfect the best poker face - give nothing away

In Poker, having a tell' is perhaps the biggest downfall for most players. Keeping a straight face, or hiding certain emotions, or facial expressions is how you win games. Even the slightest movements can be detected by the best players, just giving them an inkling as to what cards you might have hidden. So what are the best things we can do to prevent this?

Keep Your Face Relaxed

Perhaps one of the hardest things to do. But it can be incredibly helpful when in a match. Any type of expression sacrifices your power in situations with opponents. Clear your mind, loosen your face, shake it around, take a deep breath and simply relax. Being in control is the biggest advantage you can have in poker, being stressed will lose that control. Hiding your reactions is what keeps you focused.

how to perfect the best poker face - give nothing awayRafael Nadal, has been infamous for keeping his focus during Poker tournaments. An expert in keeping his face relaxed, something which he has undoubtedly taken from the Tennis courts, not giving away any clues.

Maintain Eye Contact

An effective way of getting the upper hand, is by locking eyes with opponents and showing that you are confident and aren't easy to intimidate. It also shows that you aren't hiding anything, with absolutely nothing to lose. The best tip for locking eyes, is staring at the bridge of their nose. Making sure not to break gaze first!

Blink Occasionally

how to perfect the best poker face - give nothing awayStaring too hard at any one thing can break your focus and compromise your poker face. Even if you aren't staring at your opponent, looking at your cards or into space too hard can break concentration. It either shows that you aren't fully concentration or that you are perhaps concerned with your chances. Make sure you blink occasionally, simply to stop your eyes drying out.

Make sure that you don't go overboard, however, as blinking excessively can show nervousness. Staring too intensely can also cause your shoulders to bunch up, meaning your posture could suffer.

Keep Your Jaw Relaxed and Lips Together

Your mouth is what keeps your facial muscles together. Any tension, frowns, smiles or smirks is what will influence the rest of your face. Try relaxing your jaw, letting it slack, create some space between your back teeth, open and close your mouth a few times, to try to relax. Try not to show any teeth, visible teeth generally means that your mouth is moving and can give any tiny details away.

Teddy Sheringham, a former England football players, was renowned for keeping his face straight. Sheringham managed to win an incredibly impressive £203,000 during his Poker career and is still ongoing!

Look Straight Ahead

how to perfect the best poker face - give nothing awaySimply looking straight ahead is a great way to keep focus and not give anything away. Looking out of the corners of your eyes can be a little tells, which let your opponent's know that you might have something to hide. Whether it's a good or bad hands, looking straight ahead can be hard to do, but movements like squinting, or even eye brow raising will give away your reaction.

Some people like to wear glasses, or baseball caps. But without any props or extras, these little tips might just make the difference when it comes to winning or losing.

Enjoy these tips for the perfect poker face – and tell us how you go next time 🙂

While these Tips Can help you improve your odds and overall skill levels when playing any form of 5 card poker – they certainly don’t excite or motivate – not like these Poker Face tips:


Final [Bonus] Tip For the Ultimate Poker Face

If you see someone who is unable to differentiate between the eyeball and the earlobe and/or that person tries to speak with their eyes instead of their mouth then chances are that person doesn’t have a very good poker face. Do NOT take advice from these people.

That is all.

how to perfect the best poker face - give nothing away
Do NOT take poker face advice from this person!

Simple Casino Cheats and Gambling Scams That Work!

Simple Gambling Scams & Casino Cheats Still the most popular and costly for Casino operators. What used to take an Ocean now takes a drop(kick) or two. Seems the Strip is still awash with scammers and cheats. Water we gonna do about this torrent of dishonesty? (insert more puns – I’m gonna H2gO now)

What Used to Take An Ocean Now Takes a Few Drop(kick)s

what used to take an ocean now takes a few drop(kick)s Casino’s Would Rather a Visit from Daniel Ocean & Co.

Inside jobs, chip-grabs, counterfeit cash and cheats at table games like craps are the largest ongoing headaches for casinos and casino regulators.

So while Daniel Ocean and his crew are pulling off the most audacious of heists, it's the most basic scams that can be hardest to catch and are the biggest problems for Casino operators across Nevada and the rest of the world.

The Official Word on Casino Cheats

The Nevada Gaming Control Board had 574 arbitration cases in 2015, disputing $51.8 million and made 602 criminal arrests.

simple-casino-cheats-and-gambling-scams-the-most-costly Click image link to see original article from Las Vegas Review Journal

James Taylor, deputy chief of the Gaming Control Board enforcement division, told a crowd of about 200 casino operators on Monday during the first day of Global Gaming Expo, that theft occurs at nearly every level of casino operations.

james-taylor-of-the-nevada-state-gaming-board James Taylor, Deputy Cheif of special investigations for the Nevada State Gaming Control Board presenting ongoing fraud schemes and current trens on Monday night

No matter what their titles are, everybody needs to be watched, he said. The sad part is that even management is a large part of our arrests every year.

Between 250 to 500 casino employees are arrested by the GCB each year, he said, making up about 25 percent of all GCB arrests annually. Of that 25 percent, 27 percent are table game operators, 18 percent work in the cage, 3 percent are security personnel, and 23 percent are in management.

Those looking to scam casinos from the outside have come up with elaborate schemes, including using an ink-type substance to mark playing cards. The ink looks invisible to the naked eye, but cheaters use special glasses with red filter film or special contact lenses to see their marks.

Though, of course, it takes time and effort to catch such scams, it's the basic stuff that is the hardest to catch, Taylor said, like the grab-and-run chip theft.

cash grab and runs are the most common casino scams

Tasia Musa, whose name was added last year to the Black Book, the list of people barred from entering any of Nevada's casino, has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars worth in chips. A GCB agent counted $220,000 as of 2013. Surveillance video from different casinos shows him slyly approaching table games and stealing chips from players and dealers and then quickly exiting the casino.

It's easy to see but they're (immediately) out the door. So, then we're backing up the video, getting their pictures, then we have to catch them when they do it again, and there are so many opportunities for them on the Strip, Taylor said. The hardest thing is to watch them get arrested with all these counts and then the next day they're back out.

The Black Book isn't a deterrent, but it helps the GCB to spread the word about who to look out for.

This guy is a thief but he's doing more damage to our reputation than any of these other guys, he said.

Cheaters who aren't so nimble with blatantly stealing chips will look to the craps table to pull of their casino cheats and scams – see why and how to cheat at Craps (or at least how to play it and not be shit at…. craps?!) and you’ll see why it’s such a popular method of scamming or at least attempting to scam the casinos.


Common Scams and Easy Casino Cheats

The following scams and cheats are still some of the most common and certainly the most costly for casino operators across the country. These scams and cheats are less scam and more ‘blatant theft; but regardless are still the biggest headache for gaming authorities.

Note that although these scams are the more common ones, they are certainly not limited to what is listed below, with thieves and dishonest people trying just about anything to pull a fast one and reward themselves financially without necessarily following the rules.

Craps is a very difficult game to police, Taylor said. Money is going all over the place and if you don't have a good boxman or supervisor, people can get away with this stuff (cheating).

Sal Piacente, president of UniverSal Game Protection Development, described to a crowd of about 150 at G2E the ways that players and table operators cheat at craps.

how to win at craps and beat the casino Click our craps cheat sheet to learn more about the game and how to increase your odds – legitimately we mean

“Because in craps you call your bet to the dealer, and because there are hardly any more boxmen on the games, that's why it's very easy to pull certain scams off, he said.

For example, dice-switching is still commonly used and still difficult to catch. A cheater will switch the dice being played on the table with dice that don't have any losing numbers, but they're typically only used for two rolls during a game.

Table operators, like the stickman, for example can use subtly slip chips into their vests, ties and other accessories on their uniforms. The first tip-off there, Sal said, is if you see a table operator keeping an eye out for a supervisor.

Why does a dealer look at a supervisor? To see if they're looking at them, Piacente said.

Crazy Casino Scams and Less Common Cheats

it doesnt take an ocean to rob a casino

Check out the following articles for some of the craziest casino scams and biggest casino heists in history! – There’s some downright mental stuff here – people are nuts anyway and this list just proves money only makes us worse

Or Learn How to Increase your Odds and How to Win at Pokies – well increase your chances at least


You Don’t Win Friends With Salad

One of the things we love about casino gaming is the friends we make along the way. Gambling should be a social activity, enjoyed over beers and along with plenty of good conversation and laughter. Unfortunately, there are a few gamblers who spoil the social experience for everybody. You know who I'm talking about. We've all seen them at least once. Those vegetables in front of the fruit machines, who show no signs of life other than that repetitive action as they pull the lever or press that button over and over (and over) again. Even a jackpot elicits no more than a smile and a nod, and it's back to pulling the lever and/or pushing that button again.*

*Addiction by Design by Natasha Dow Schull

More information is provided in the below resources and links but since it is so intrinsically linked to the above point I wanted to highlight her findings for you here:

natasha-dow-schull-addiction-by-designDrawing on fifteen years of field research in Las Vegas, anthropologist Natasha Dow Schüll shows how the mechanical rhythm of electronic gambling pulls players into a trancelike state they call the machine zone, in which daily worries, social demands, and even bodily awareness fade away. Once in the zone, gambling addicts play not to win but simply to keep playing, for as long as possible-even at the cost of physical and economic exhaustion. In continuous machine play, gamblers seek to lose themselves while the gambling industry seeks profit. Schüll describes the strategic calculations behind game algorithms and machine ergonomics, casino architecture and ambience management, player tracking and cash access systems-all designed to meet the market's desire for maximum time on device.

Source: http://www.natashadowschull.org/

It appears the vegetable in all of us is just waiting to be exposed by these insidious machines. Just give them enough time…

Play Pokies for Fun – Don’t be a Vegetable Playing Fruit Machines

pokies play you so gambling reform is needed badly

It's easy to blame them for having no willpower, but it's not entirely their fault. Those slot addicts aren't just driven by greed or sloth. They're made that way by machines designed to create addictive impulses and promote destructive behaviour.

As the image to the left shows – the Pokies play you and not the other way around. The sooner you realise this the sooner you stand a chance of beating them once and for all. Visit PokiesPlayYou.org.au to learn more

Psychologists have found that slot addiction starts with over-stimulation of the reward centers in the brain. Ever wondered why slot machines light up and play music the moment you get a single chip back, even if you've lost 99 chips on that bet? Well, all that stimulation can trick your brain into thinking you've won – whether that's true or not. And because all humans crave rewards, our brains start to crave that stimulation and we start to crave the slot machines. That's how the vegetable is born.

Learn more about the various design aspects that combine to create the electronic morphine and crack cocaine of gambling that Poker machines are often referred.

Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation Documentary exposed and copyright laws bypassed with amazing Infographic! Click here to access and share this awesome resource.

Entertainment? More Like Zombie-tainment


While we all gamble to get away from our worries for a little while, vegetables take that to an extreme. Ever notice how pokie addicts ignore you when you speak to them, can't seem to make eye contact and are basically the most socially awkward people on Earth? That's because they aren't inhabiting the same world as you and I – not mentally, anyway. Psychologists have found that the escapist element of slot machines contributes heavily to its addictive potential – especially since it's enhanced by fantastical game plots and otherworldly visuals. When vegetables give themselves over to the pokie world, real-world responsibilities like jobs and family, and real-world interactions, become alien to them.

Conclusion and Take Away

So if there's a lesson in all of this, it's that pokies and slot machines are to be treated with great caution. If you can, play online, where you're free from the environment of the casino floor where the absence of windows and clocks combines with the positive reinforcing sounds from so many machines encourages you to play longer and harder than you might normally.

Playing online pokies might not necessarily be the best answer but for the thousands of us who enjoy a poke from time to time and can happily take it or leave it, the online option provides a much safer and more enjoyable gambling experience.

Jump over to any of our recommend online casinos and check out the incredible range of free and real money pokies and casino games and find out why so many of your neighbours have already made the switch.

You may not be convinced but at the end of the day it comes down to the simple facts:-

  • Noone wants to talk to a Vegetable playing a Fruit Machine
  • – and you most definitely cannot win friends with salad!

you dont win friends when you have a gambling problem - or salad

It’s just a fact is all.

Best Online Pokie Software Companies

Last week we took a look at the real bricks and mortar world of slot machines and pokies and we analysed who make the best pokies and slot machines that you have come to love (or hate) at your local club/pub or casino. As a followup we thought we’d take this hunt to the online world where physical machines and their manufacturers are relegated to the backbench and the top online software companies fill their shoes with amazing slot machine themes and interactive gameplay that makes the real world pokies look rather boring if I’m completely honest.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best online casino sofware companies and see which ones are at the top of their game and the ones to look out for in the coming months.

Online Casino Software Companies – Who Makes The Best Online Pokies?

best online casino software companies



In the offline world of pokies companies like Aristocrat, IGT and Ainsworth are the names that all players are familiar with. In the online space the leading online software companies are different as the major offline manufacturers have been too focused on the casino, pub and club markets. And while players like Aristocrat and Ainsworth (who are actually the same team LOL) continue to impress the real world crowd with their interactive slot games and advanced imagery the software companies powering the online casinos around the world are quietly making inroads into the growing market. Not only are the major players making inroads, they are actually making an impact too – with some of the most popular modern day pokies and slots actually belonging to online casinos and the software companies who built them.

Let’s take a look at the major players of the online casino world and see what they have to offer – and more importantly why they are such a force to be reckoned with.


best online casino software companies - microgaming

Established in 1994, Microgaming is the biggest online casino software provider and is the software behind some of the biggest online casinos. They have released hundreds of pokie games including popular games like The Dark Knight, Mega Moolah and Thunderstruck II. It would be fair to say that of the top ten most popular online pokies and slot games, at least 7 of them are owned and developed by Microgaming.

But it would be sacreligious to talk about Microgaming without spending some time focusing on their most successful and popular slot game ever – and a game that probably needs no introduction if I’m honest.

Mega Moolah – The Millionaire Maker of Online Slots

mega moolah progressive online slotsThe Microgaming jackpot network has paid out a staggering Euro574,000,000 in progressive jackpots since 1998 when Cash Splash, the first linked progressive game to appear online was released. And Mega Moolah, the latest game to join the progressive network is fast taking over as the most famous and popular progressive slots game ever made available. Why? – quite simply because Mega Moolah has paid out more than any other online (or offline) slot machine in history, with one lucky player taking home $10,422,504 Aussie dollars from a $2 spin playing Mega Moolah through Spin Palace online casino.

What are progressive slots machines and pokies anyway? Check out our indepth guide showing you how progressive link jackpots work and why you’re better off trying your luck there than where the odds might necessarily be better. – Visit our Progressive Slots FAQ Page


Mega Moolah – the World’s Highest Paying Progressive Slots network and the game affectionately known as the ‘Millionaire Maker’

mega moolah progressive slots - play now

With more millionaires made than any other online slot machine there are far too many amazing stories to start sharing them here – which is why we have already prepared a special article focused on the awesome progressive network known as the Mega Moolah Jackpot – so be sure to visit our MEGA MOOLAH page and see for yourself just how incredible (and constant) the amazing wins are that come from this most generous of progressive slots


playtech online casino software company

Founded in 1999, Playtech is an online casino software company that is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Playtech’s game range has greatly expanded in recent years with some of the most popular titles being Great Blue, The Sopranos, Spamalot and the Marvel Jackpot pokies.

Playtech offers classic casino games in a download or no download format – which is basically a grammatically incoherent way of saying that with Playtechs range of mobile casinos you will never have to worry about the download and no download online slots options – namely because you will not have the option, with the best mobile casino apps streaming directly from your phone and allowing for interactive gameplay without the annoying downloads.

The Playtech run casinos have been highly praised for their fast playing casino games, their smooth glitch less moves and their more than generous bonus system. Playtech (Real Time Gaming) Casinos have been in business for a long time and have earned a place in the hearts of online gamblers everywhere.
We feature the top Playtech Casinos on this site and urge you if you’ve never before played in one of these casinos, to do so. The experience is definitely one of a kind. They offer many casino games, many of which you already know and play and some very unique games that are well worth trying out. In total there are more than 80 casino games and many offer play in several coin denominations from $0.05 and up. There are also multi player games available.

Playtech Casino Games

playtech online slot machine casino games

Playtech Casinos have spent countless amount of money in research and development to bring you the latest technology in online gambling. New game releases, lobby upgrades and new casinos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to advances that this casino software provider is making. In order to remain in the top of their field, it’s a must that a company such as Playtech continuously grow and reach out to new players.

Playtech casinos also offer some of the best no deposit casino bonus offers around and I strongly recommend checking out some of these amazing deals before the fizzle up

Net Entertainment (NetENT)


A software provider located in Sweden and established in 1999, Net Entertainment is quickly making waves in the online pokies market with unique games including Aliens, Eggomatic and Robin Hood Shifting Riches as well as huge jackpots on games like Mega Fortune.

Founded in 1996 and firmly established in 1999 by one of Scandinavia's leading off-line casino operators, NetEnt is one of the pioneers in online gambling. Originally from Sweden, NetEnt is active in a major part of Europe with two offices, one still in Sweden, while their second office is based in Malta, well-known for the many online gambling companies centralised on this small and sunny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The company has over 200 people employees, whose primary concern is the development and production of innovative games in line with NetEnt's vision

Driving the Online Casino Market through Better Games.

However NetEnt, formally known as Net Entertainment, is the original company name of the Swedish software developer, NetEnt is the name the industry and its players are familiar with. With that NetEnt became NetEnt Casinos and the games of the developer are called NetEnt games. But what is the reason why there is an entire website dedicated to just one software developer and its clients? The answer is easy as the NetEnt games are used by some of the world's most successful and prominent online gaming operators and a Netent Casino offers a complete gaming solution which includes a wide range of high quality games, based on the latest technology, just what players are looking for.

NetEnt Casinos

The success of the Swedish software supplier is partly due to their many years of experience as one of Scandinavia's leading off-line casino operators. This experience can be found in the many dozens casino games developed by the pioneer. But with a wide range of casino games success can't be guaranteed if the online casinos refuse to offer them to their players. This can't be said of the NetEnt games as dozens of online casinos have been added to the large network of NetEnt Casinos. Since there are too many of them, we've made a selection of high quality online casino, offering the entire range of NetEnt casino games, all of which can be FOUND HERE. The network of NetEnt Casinos is growing increasingly just as the NetEnt mobile casinos and NetEnt live casinos.

Learn more about NetEnt and their progressive slot CEO at our Weebly News Blog HERE

NetENT have also lead the charge for Mobile Casino solutions so as to bring the interactive online gaming experience you have come to love and capture it on your mobile or smart device. Learn more about how mobile casinos are changing the face of online gambling HERE



NetEnt CEO Per Eriksson poses for a photo in NetEnt headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden February 22, 2016. Picture taken February 22, 2016. REUTERS/Mia Shanley
NetEnt CEO Per Eriksson poses for a photo in NetEnt headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden February 22, 2016. Picture taken February 22, 2016. REUTERS/Mia Shanley



What Casino Game Has The Best Odds?

When it comes to gambling and casinos, the question that remains the most relevant – and certainly the most important to your overall evening and potential return are the odds of you winning on a particular game or slot machine. Therefore the question we are going to take a serious look at today and analyse from a logical and learned point of view is this:

What Casino Game Has The Best Odds?

The first thing we need to do is decide what games constitute a ‘normal casino game’ and then ascertain what the odds are – on average of course. We can then apply another layer of what I would call ‘chance’ – this is gambling afterall – and we are left with what is hopefully the casino games with the best odds, and then we’ll be able to tell you definitively what casino game has the best odds. Not a bad plan of attack hey? Righto then – let’s get into it….

What Casino Game Has the Best Odds

Most Popular Types of Casino Games (And the Odds of Winning Each)

most popular casino games with best odds

Pokies and Slot Machines – House Edge 10%

pokies have the worst casino odds



Pokies and Slots need no introduction, especially here at Online Pokies Australia – but in terms of popularity you can see they are heads and shoulders above the other table and non table casino games here. The Pokies/Slot Machines also happen to have the highest return to Player rate (of around 90%) vs. the other table games and sports gambling where the return is closer to 70%.

So then the Casino Games with the best odds are slot machines?

true odds of winning slot machines are not goodWell no, not exactly….. In fact the RTP rate of 90% is no indication of the odds of winning but is an overall metric used by the machine’s internal algorithm to keep the payout balance in check. a 90% return rate sounds wonderful in theory but you are still getting 90c back from every $1 you put in the machine. Over time you are almost guaranteed to lose the lot. I say almost because there is a chance you will win more than you started with – a 1 in a million chance that is.

The odds of winning the major jackpot on a pokie or slot machine is closer to 9,000,000:1 but a realistic figure for a semi decent return (of say double what you started with) gives you slightly better odds of around 1,000,000:1 – lucky you right!

Learn more about what your true odds of winning on the pokies is by visiting THIS LINK HERE. You can also get some more insight into how the algorithm, Return Rate and overall odds are calculated within the slot machine by checking out our detailed HOW POKIES WORK guide. Simply follow the links (which will open in a new window for you)

Needless to say, Pokies are designed to make money not to make YOU money. They are also the ONLY FORM OF GAMBLING where the odds are predetermined and NO AMOUNT OF KNOWLEDGE SKILL OR EXPERIENCE will swing the odds in your favour. It is for this reason that pokies are without doubt Casino Game with the worst odds. Ironically it is the lack of knowledge and skill required to play them that make Pokies and Slot Machines such a popular choice for online and real world gamblers around the world

Determining Casino Game Odds with the ‘House Edge’

The house edge is defined as the ratio of the average loss a player makes to the initial bet amount. For example, if you play Blackjack with basic strategy, over the long run, the house edge is 0.5%. This means for every $10 you bet, you will lose 5 cents over the long run. With Baccarat or Craps, you will lose less than 10 cents for every $10 you bet. With roulette, depending on the game design, you could lose 27 to 53 cents for every $10 you bet.

To put it into perspective, the average house edge for most Casino Table Games is 1% – meaning for every $10 you bet you will lose 10c. The House edge on Pokies and Slot Machines is closer to 10% meaning for every $10 you spend you will lose $1!

Pokies and Slot Machines therefore provide at least 10 times less chances of winning than any other casino game on the floor – with odds over 1000% worse than the casino average.

Blackjack – House Edge of 0.28%

casino games with the best odds

Blackjack is a card game. It's played between the house€”also known as the dealer€”and the player. The dealer deals out two cards to each player and keeps two cards. The dealer has one card face up and one down. The players take turns trying to get as close as they can to 21. The player calls hit to get a card and end their turn. A player can also call double. This doubles their bet. They can only get one card and their turn ends. If a player has two identically numbered cards, they can split.

Improve your Odds of Winning with These Effective Blackjack Playing Tips

Computer simulations and probability calculations have helped develop a basic Blackjack strategy. If this strategy is fully followed, the house advantage can be reduced to 0.5% over the long run.

  • If you have 8 or below, hit irrespective of what the dealer has.
  • If you have 9 and the dealer has 3, 4, 5 or 6, double your bets. If the dealer has 2 or 7, hit.
  • If you have 10 and the dealer has anything between 2 and 9, you should double down. If the dealer has a 10 or ace, hit.
  • If you have 11 and the dealer's card value is between 2 and 10, double down. If the dealer has an ace, hit.
  • If you have 12 and the dealer has 2, 3, or 7 and higher, hit. Stand if the dealer has 4, 5 or 6.
  • If you have between 13 and 16, and the dealer has 7 or higher, hit. If the dealer has between 2 and 6, stand.
  • Always stand if your cards value between 17 and 21.

Roulette – House Edge 2.7%

casino games with the best odds

In roulette, the player places their chips on the table to wager them. The table has numbers 0-36 and 00. It has additional betting for even-odd, red-black, low 18-high 18, low/middle/high 12 and for the first/second/third columns. The dealer spins the wheel clockwise. Then, they roll a ball counter-clockwise. The ball lands in a numbered slot on the wheel. All bets that correspond with the number win. The only discrepancy with the odds of this casino game is dependant on whether there are 1 or 2 00’s on the board/reel. If there is the standard single 00 then the house edge is around 2.7% – add another 00 and the house edge is closer to 5.26%

The American roulette wheel has 38 number slots consisting of numbers 1 through 36 along with numbers 0 and 00. The European roulette wheel has only one 0 slot.

As a player, you can choose to bet on a particular number or several individual numbers. You can also bet if the ball will land on a black- or a red-colored number slot, or an odd or even number. You can also choose number groupings, for example, 1 to 18 and 19 to 36, and so on. There is a place on the table to bet for each of these situations, and you can place multiple bets during each play. The dealer spins the ball in the direction opposite to that of the turning wheel. The play is only valid when the ball completes three revolutions around the spinning wheel. Players can place bets until the dealer announces no more bets.

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker – House Edge 2.67%

casino games with the best odds - 5 card poker

Poker is a card game. It's based on a five card hand. Hands are ranked from lowest to highest. The order of hands is high card, pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, and royal flush. The player with the best hand wins.

There are too many versions of Poker and a myriad of hints and tips you can find to help improve your overall game play and of course increase your odds of winning. We recommend (and use) PokerListings.com for all our Poker Rules and strategy tips – and we recommend you do the same – just VISIT THIS LINK HERE

Craps (Pass/Come) House Edge 1.41%

casino games with the best odds - craps

Craps is a dice game. The players make wagers on the outcome of the roll, or a series of rolls, of a pair of dice. If a seven or 11 turn up on the first roll of the dice, the shooter wins whatever they bet. If the shooter rolls two, three, or 12 on the first roll, they loose the money, but not the dice. When the person rolls a four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten that number becomes their point. The shooter keeps rolling until their point turns up again for a win or until the person throws a seven and loses the money and the dice.

Improve your Odds of Winning with These Effective Craps Tips

If Craps rules seem complicated, start one step at a time. The PASS bet is the most fundamental that almost all players make, and it is easy to understand.
Start with a PASS or DON'T PASS bet, and with more experience, engage in more bets. The optimal strategy in Craps is to bet on the DON'T PASS line and back it up by laying the odds. This is contrary to how most players bet in Craps, but it gives you the most edge in the long run. If you want to go with the crowd, even with a PASS strategy, you have a great chance of winning.

Playing Online Pokies in Australia

casino floor

Are you looking to play some online pokies but have no idea where to s tart or what to do? – this article aims to provide you with some general tips and ideas so that if and when you decide to try your hand at some of the online casino games and freeslots available you will be as prepared as possible so that you’ll know when to play free pokies and when to take advantage of the bonus sign up offers and enjoy real money slots with the best odds you’ll ever get.

Which Pokies are the Most Popular in Australia?

  • If you look in an Australian casino you will find quite a few similarities in the games between AU and Las Vegas, but also some big differences.
  • In Australia, the games made by Aristocrat are really popular, just like they are in Las Vegas. Aristocrat games include Buffalo Slots, More Hearts, More Chilli, Where’s The Gold, Wild Panda, Wicked Winnings, Pompei, Queen of the Nile and Zorro.
  • The other pokies that are loved in Australia are the ones made by Novomatic (often called Gaminator pokies). For some reason, these games are not at all popular in Las Vegas. In fact, I have never seen a Novomatic pokie in Las Vegas.
  • Novomatic / Gaminator Pokies include Book of Ra (lots of different versions exist), Lord of The Ocean, Lucky Lady’s Charm, Katana, Big Catch, 4 Reel King, Columbus slots, Beetlemania, Rainbow King, Rex and Secret Elixir.
  • Click the below image to access Jackpot City online casino – who have the largest r ange of Aristocrat alternatives for you to enjoy for free or real money

Play Aristocrat Pokies online for free

Australian Online Casinos

Free Games Online To Play Without DownloadingHere, we list the top Australian online casinos for playing pokie. We actually recommend trying at least 2 or 3 of them out before playing real money, because different people enjoy different things from their casinos. The key to playing online is to find the casino you enjoy playing the most – just as long as it is one of the 4 we here at Online Pokies Australia recommend – especially for our fellow Aussies, because many of the online casinos look OK on paper but when it comes to getting your money out or getting support you will find yourself banging your head against a figurative wall…repeatedly

Visit our Recommend Australian Online Casinos page to get some insight into what you should be looking for. Alternatively these tips below will help you find the best Australian casino for online pokies.


Tips To Choosing a Trusted Online Casino

1 – Choose a Trusted Online Casino

Without doubt, the first thing you need to do is choose a trusted online casino. In general, that means a casino that has been around a long time, or if it is a new casino, then you should pick one with trusted, reputable management. The best thing to do is to choose from a list of trusted partners, rather than trying out casinos at random. If you do decide to play pokies online in Australia for real money, then you want to know that the online casino will look after you properly.

All of the casinos we list on this page are run by well-established gaming companies with many years of experience and offering all players, both big and small an excellent quality of customer service – expect to see these logos of these gaming authorities (like eCOGRA) clearly displayed in the footer of sidebar of the more reputable casinos

2 – Try a few Different Online Casinos before Playing Real Money

spin palace flashing bannerAs mentioned above, you do need to feel comfortable with your choice of casino. That is why we recommend that you sign up to a few different casinos and see which ones you like the best before starting to play real money. This might mean signing up to all of the casinos on the list above, but once you have done it, you will be rewarded because you will know which one is best for you. A few extra minutes of research will pay dividends at this early stage.

All the best casinos that we recommend here also know how popular the Aristocrat pokies are with Aussie punters and so look out for the growing range of Aruistocrat Alternatives – the best free and real money pokies online that are as good if not better than their real world counterparts.

Learn more about playing Aristocrat Pokies online by following the link –> HERE

3 – Make Your First Online Casino Deposit a Small one

When I play at a new online casino, I always make my first deposit a small one. Usually, for me, that means around $100.

It is usually much easier to make a small deposit when it is your first one – a big deposit might scare your bank and lead them to blocking your account, or phoning you to make sure that you actually did try to make the purchase. Sometimes the first deposit involves a bit of work on the part of the player – you have to send ID and sometimes bank details etc for security reasons.

The same thing applies to cash-outs. Most casinos will ask you to go through a relatively thorough process to get your first cash-out – the casinos need to make sure that it really is you, the account owner taking the funds out. The casino may ask you to provide proof of identity, which could include a photocopy of your ID (like a passport, for example) and they may also want a proof of address that matches up with your credit card.

4 – ENJOY Playing Online Casino Games!

how to play pokies and win moreOut of all the advice you can get, it is to enjoy your play. Remember, that online casino is a form of entertainment and not a way to make money. If you find yourself stressing out about the money you have lost or getting on edge because the feature hasnt gone off yet then you need to take a good look at yourself and ask whether this is still enjoyable or not…. if you are not playing pokies for fun then remind me again why you are there?

Nobody ever found a way to beat the casino (fairly), especially when it comes to playing pokies online. You should expect to spend money when you play online casino pokies and you should hope to win just once in a while.

5 – TEST out the customer support

The importance of customer support should not be over-looked. Why not start a intant messenger chat and ask a couple of questions. See if they can help you out. For example, ask them how many days cash-outs normally take. A good online casino will answer questions quickly, efficiently and politely

contact online pokies australia

How To Play FreeSlots No Download No Registration

Can I Play Freeslots with No Download or Registration?

All free slots download games are programmed with the Random Number Generator, which determines the outcome of each spin. This means, as a player, all the results attained while playing the free slots download games are out of pure luck. It is never a guarantee that every time you click on the spin button, you will come out as a winner. On average, the slots games have an average payout percentage of 95%, the highest you will ever get in any online casino game. And to give you an idea how much better off you are enjoying playing freeslots for fun with free spins online the average RTP or player return rate at bricks and mortar casinos is around 90% – with the legal limit actually as low as 86%!

The average return rate for online pokies through our recommended best online casinos is 97%! That’s more than 10% higher a return and goes a long way to explaining why playing freeslots no download no registration is so popular.

There are ways that you can use to increase your chances of winning while playing slots online. The 3 tips for playing free slot download online below will significantly boost your gaming experience and get entertainment out of each session.

Before Playing Real Money Pokies Enjoy the Freeslots no download and Get Educated

freeslots no download no registration have better return rates
Odds are actually closer to 1 in 6.5 million 😉

Most of the slots online have the free or demo versions which allow you to play before you can commit some money to your play. There are online casinos that also offer the play money and bonuses once you sign up with their sites. Make use of the bonuses and play money; they always help you warm up for the game as well as enable you gauge your luck.

Moderation is Key

Free slots download, and other slots games, in this case, are games of pure chance. You are never assured of a win and as a result, you should have a clear idea of how much you are willing to lose. Having a fixed budget and sticking to it is one way of increasing your chances of winning, as you will always make wise decisions while playing slots online.

The only thing that sets problem gamblers apart from the rest of us who simply enjoy a punt for the sake of it is moderation! – learn to limit how much you spend and go in knowing there’s a chance you will come out even or down – by only 3% if you are online though 😉

Understand different jackpots and how you can play for them

increase your odds of winning on the pokiesOnline casino slots have jackpot prize pools attached to them. A stand-alone jackpot or non-progressive jackpot is one that is independent of other slot machines online. The prize in this jackpot is fixed. The progressive jackpot, on the other hand, is an online slot game linked to different internet casinos under the same casino game with various machines making contributions to the main pot. As a result, the jackpot's size grows bigger with time. If you get lucky and win this jackpot, the sum of money can be huge depending on how big the pot has become.

Playing for the jackpots is usually harder since you have to activate the maximum number of pay lines and also bet maximum to increase your chances of winning. This may turn out to be expensive if you have a small bankroll. In addition, high paying jackpots will not pay off quickly as compared to the regular slots games.

Check this article here on why it is so important to understand the game you are playing – because knowledge really is power here and the more you understand the freeslots no download no registration game that you are playing the higher your chances of winning back your funds and then some!


How to Play Pokies & Slots Effectively

How to Play Pokie Games Really Well

Three or five reel Pokies are games of chance as they say. One can never truly predict what the next set of numbers or items will appear on the reels. Almost any casino player gets an itch to play pokie games. Experts in land based gambling as well as online gambling agree that the overwhelming feeling of luck as you pull the lever or the hope that one small bet can change your life forever is true. Pokie games are enticing, colorful and noisy which is why many players love to try these out before hitting the bog tables in an actual casino or online casino site.

So how do you become a player to beat in pokie games? Here is your plan:

  1. Learn the rules of three reel and five reel pokies early. You will be able to find these rules in our How to play article. Remember that each pokie machine has its own set of winning combinations and oftentimes these also vary according to the game title. But no matter how different rules may be, certain symbols still hold true like the BAR or gold bars symbol, the 7 symbol, the stars or pots of gold symbols and so many more. If you want to win you must carefully study these before you begin your game.
  2. Download free online pokie software so you can try your luck at home. With your own software you will be able to practice as much as you want even when you are at home. Take time to get to know the difference between each type of pokie game and you will be surprised when you are more confident about betting on real money in no time at all.
  3. Concentrate on the type of pokie machine game that you wish to play. There are two main types: three reel and five reel pokies. Experts say that a beginner may have better chances of winning with five reels compared to three since there are more possibilities to create a winning combination. Five reels often have bigger jackpot prizes compared to three reels in online a land based casinos. But although five reel slot machines offer more possible combinations, a three -reel pokie machine game is often better to understand and to follow compared to a lot of combinations in a five reel.
  4. When you have mastered playing sample or free games online it may be the right time to bet for real money. But ofcourse the popular rule of online gambling should be remembered always: Bet only what you can afford to lose. This rule will help you reduce your losses especially when you are getting into the game so well. Be sure to learn when to quit when you are ahead so you can come back to play for real money some other day.

Online Slot Strategy

It pays (often literally) to have a tight money management strategy in place when you play Pokies online. Pokies, both online and land-based, are run entirely by Random Number Generators (RNGs), so the only thing that you are able to control when you play is your own money.

One simple strategy that you can adopt is the following:

  1. Choose a game that you like This is important because you may end up playing for some time to build up your bank roll. Try out a few Pokies for free first to get an idea of the themes and features that you enjoy.
  2. Decide how much you want to spend before you start playing You win some and you lose some when you play Pokies online, so this should be an amount that you are happy (and easily able) to part with, so make sure that the game you have chosen to play suits your budget. You should be able to afford to bet the maximum without it eating up your budget in 5 spins.
  3. Bet the maximum Betting the maximum ensures that you are eligible for the maximum jackpot – there's nothing more frustrating than hitting a winning combination and not qualifying for the cash on a technicality!
  4. Quit while you're ahead Don't chase your losses – it won't end well! Once you've spent your budget for the day, it's time to call it quits. This ensures that you will never spend more money than you can afford to lose.
  5. Enjoy! Playing Pokies online is about having fun, so choose a game that you like and enjoy it!

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Check Out New Spin Palace Mobile Pokies

Here are some accessible Spin Palace Mobile Pokies amusements, alongside a diagram of what every one of them brings to the table you, these diversions are all supplied by Microgaming which implies you will dependably have entry to reasonable and arbitrary recreations when playing at this heading portable money joint site.

mobile games

Regular players and members of our online pokies community will already know about Spin Palace and the amazing variety of free and real money pokies and casino slot games that you can enjoy from the c omfort of your own home or office – thanks to the Spin Palace Casino Download that provides the lucky player with unlimited access to their own personal casino floor and all the games, bonuses and member perks this entails.

Well now the good folks at Spin Palace have cemented their place as the best Australian Online Casino and brought their incredible online casino platform and the engaging gameplay of their online pokies to the mobile world, with the Spin Palace app providing no download access to the Spin palace flash games that run on the Spin Palace mobile casino.

Australian Mobile Casino No Deposit Bonus Offers

Play the best mobile casino games on Android and iPhone thanks to the Spin Palace App – access the best online pokies from your

Spin Palace Mobile – Pokies Available

With over 400 mobile pokie games under their name there is no way we are going to list them all – we’d be here forever … and since I know we’d all rather be playing said online mobile pokies we thought we’d list some of the ones we like playing – for whatever reason we like playing them. Enjoy our Spin Palace Review of the new mobile casino and take advantage of their generous and dinky di Australian mobile casino no deposit bonus offers

play spin palace mobile casino on android phones

Fish “O” Rama Pokie Game

This Pokies diversion was composed particularly for the versatile gaming environment and is a strangely organized amusement which offers you 8 pay lines anyway they are situated in excess of 9 reels! Verify you investigate this amusement when next logged onto the Spin PalaceMobile Casino site for it might simply compensate you with an expansive money pay-out, if obviously you win when getting stuck in

Enchantment Seven Pokies

This is another Mobile Pokies diversions which began life in an online club, Playtech are the brains behind this amusement which is based and themed totally around the great manoeuvre that is Frankie Dettori, the base and extra amusements all have a stallion dashing subject and the spoils are ready and waiting so do pay special mind to it and try it out on your cell telephone one day soon!

Extraordinary Blue Pokies

This is the one Pokies amusement that is genuinely going to speak to everybody who enjoys high hazard and high compensate Pokies playing sessions, the Great Blue Pokies is one of the most elevated change amusements you can play on your versatile and thusly in the event that you need a possibility of strolling endlessly with a mega estimated pay-out, wherever you happen to be playing, then this Pokies is the one for you!

Gold Rally Pokies

This is one of the simplest yet most noteworthy paying portable Pokies diversions you are going to go over, and it is currently open on any cellular telephone or cell phone, basically set its three reels into play and can a reward diversion be activated as well as a positively enormous big stake could be won additionally!

Desert Treasure Pokies

A multi-line sort of feature Pokies diversion on which you can win very much countless twists, that is what is offered on the Desert Treasure Pokies amusement now accessible at the Playtech programming fuelled Betfred Mobile Bingo site, look at it today for when those free twists begin to trigger and re-trigger you can end up genuinely in the cash, regardless of the fact that you are playing this fabulous reward feature Pokies amusement for low stake levels!

Santa Clause’s Gifts Pokies

You generally won’t need to hold up until Santa Claus makes you a visit on the 25th of December to get a pleasant present, all you have to do is to get your cell telephone and begin playing the anta’s Gifts Pokies machine, and trust you get a matching line of winning images on its pay lines, in the event that you do then you are in the cash beyond any doubt!

Safari Heat Pokies

You ought to get a lot of winning activity and heaps of winning consolidations turning in when you propel the Betfred Bingo opening, Safari Heat onto your cell phone, verify you provide for it a spin when you are next feeling fortunate!