$3 Billion Southport Spit Casino Looks Set to Go Ahead

The Southport Spit Casino Interest has been reignited again after it was initially made public back in April of this year – with our Partners at Download Free Pokies sharing the latest from the Packer and Chinese owned consortium ASF

Artist Impression of the new $3 Billion Casino resort

southport spit casino gets green light

Learn more about the initial plans here – or alternatively of course, keep reading to get more up to date information about the who what where why and when of this new multi billion dollar hotel & casino resort


Southport Spit Casino Gets Green Light

Chinese-owned consortium ASF and James Packer’s Crown Resorts plan to build three hotels, a casino, restaurants, retail shops and top end housing on crown land located in Southport Spit.

It is predicted the development would create 10,000 jobs and generate millions of dollars from tourism.

State Development Minister Anthony Lynham would oversee the work to protect and make-over the northern Spit.

southport spit casino plans



Dr Lynham said in a statement beaches and green space along the Spit was a natural playground for families and visitors, but was “crying out for a make-over, fresh concepts and more public amenities”.

“In the new year, we will work-up a detailed plan for the approximately 140 hectares of coastal parkland – an area nearly eight times the size of Brisbane’s South Bank Parklands,” he said.

“I will consult with Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate and seek his input on how we can best rejuvenate the Southport Spit and protect the popular landmark as public amenity space in perpetuity.”

The ASF Consortia has been in talks with James Packer’s Crown Resorts and that group is expected to operate the casino.

The Queensland government on Friday approved significant expansion to Mr Packer’s rival State Entertainment Group’s development at Broadbeach’s Jupiter’s Casino.

Then on Sunday, the ASF Consortia released their newest artist impressions.

Artist Impression-Southport Spit Casino-Crown Resort and ASF Consortia 1

The drawings show:

  • Three, five and six star hotels;
  • Restaurants, theatres, retail precincts;
  • A 1200-seat Broadwater amphitheatre;
  • Public access to the Broadwater pedestrian walkways, public boat moorings and beaches.

ASF director Louis Chien said the project would invest $3 billion into the Gold Coast, create an estimated 10,000 jobs and attract a projected 1.5 million additional tourists to the Gold Coast each year.

“This $3 billion project will deliver a world-class waterfront destination that provides an immediate and ongoing economic boost and significant jobs for the Gold Coast, with benefits flowing across Queensland,” Mr Chien said.

The bid is bound to again re-ignite community debate between conservationists and pro-development groups over future development on the state government-owned Southport Spit.

Southport Spit an EyeSore?

The ASF Consortia’s proposal to go ahead with their five-hectare site located immediately to the south of Sea World comes at the expense of the national park currently located on the crown owned land. However, this area is apparently “run down” and “dilapidated” and is in desperate need of a makeover and some money and time invested in it.

“North of the council car park, north of Sea World, this land will be protected in perpetuity,” Dr Lynham told reporters.

Dr Lynham had no further details to add, only saying that he hoped to speak to Gold Coast City Council this week to co-ordinate improvements to parkland and car parks, which he described as “rundown.”

The new casino proposal from ASF Consortia includes drawings of a new bridge to the Southport Spit, close to the existing Sunland Bridge as one proposal to improve traffic on the Spit.

To put it into perspective, this is how Southport Spit looks today:

southport spit as it looks today

And the artists impression using the same angle:

southport spit casino gets green light


Council Approval on Cruise Control

Until last month it had not been discussed by the local council.

In completely separate proposals the council is investigating the viability and design of a nearby cruise ship terminal on the southern, coastal side of Southport Spit.

Southport Spit Cruise ship Terminal and Casino


The council was keen to have a traffic circuit-breaker before approving that project.

Dr Lynham gave a general comment that existing privately owned companies could contribute to further development and conservation on the Spit.

“There are many opportunities for people who are on the Spit already – Versace, Sheraton Mirage, Sea World – who would like to contribute to seeing this place protected.”

Another proposal unrelated to this Southport Spit Casino is for a huge cruise ship complex that would rival some of the world’s best. Here is an artist’s impression of this huge cruise ship terminal, resort and hotel complex proposed for the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Cruise Ship Terminal Artist Impression


Australia's Growing Gambling Crisis – It's the Crown or the Country

It seems that although the fight against problem gambling has a lot of support – the opponents we face have more experience and worst of all, they really know how to Packer punch.

Will saying no to the Crown reduce problem gambling in Australia?
Is it time to become a gambling republic once and for all?

It’s certainly got me stumped. Royally in fact.

The following press release was distributed to the top News agencies in Australia earlier today and we felt it necessary to share this with our readers as well – look out for this story in your local paper tomorrow!

Australia's Growing Gambling Crisis – It's the Crown or the Country

Will a Gambling Republic Reduce Harm and Minimise Pokie Addiction?




Australia, (September 27, 2016) – A $3 BILLION casino plan for the Southport Spit is expected to go before State Cabinet within weeks as a new poll reveals widespread support for the proposal.

This seems to be in direct conflict with an ever-growing crisis of gambling addiction and excessive pokie spend that targets the most disadvantaged suburbs and bears a social cost of over $4 billion a year. (Learn more here)

OnlinePokies.com.au last week exclusively revealed plans by Chinese-owned ASF for a casino, operated by James Packer's Crown group, between Sea World and Palazzo Versace. As well as an up-market casino targeting Asian high-rollers, the game-changing project would boast three towers, seven high-end restaurants and a Florida Keys-style bridge linking The Spit to Southport to ease traffic congestion. Sea World would also double in size, add a water park and become the biggest theme park in the country. Work could start as early as next year.

(See this article HERE where we cover the plans for this new casino in more detail)

Packer Lacks Local Support – Not That He Gives a Toss

Packer plans another casino and will probably get it- he always does Wait!? Did they think I might actually care? DYING!

While a poll apparently compiled for The Sunday Mail has shown strong backing for the plan from Gold Coasters the ReachTEL poll of over 1000 coast residents reveals that less than half supported the casino development with over 37% strongly against the idea*

*The ReachTEL poll of 1098 Coast residents on Thursday night found 45.3 per cent supported the development, with 37.8 per cent opposed and 16.9 per cent undecided. – This doesn’t even take into account the environmental impact – of which assessments need to be completed.

save-southport-spit-says-residents-luke-sorensen-and-son-kyal Residents like Luke Sorenson and son Kyle are against the proposal and are well aware of the negative impact it will have on both the environment and the community

OnlinePokies.com.au have spoken exclusively to The State Government and local members who are progressing the proposal and informed us it will be considered by Cabinet soon.

While we cannot confirm or deny how Mr Packer feels about the lack of local support it would be fair to assume that he couldn’t give two shits and is busy filing his care factor towards the whole thing somewhere between ‘None’ and ‘Buckleys’*

*This is based on past experiences and the fact James Packer has more political influence and overall power than most. Oh and there’s the golden rule.

THE GOLDEN RULE – He who has the GOLD makes the RULES

The Southport Spit Casino Proposal Looks …Unsightly

southport spit crown casino proposal from Packers Crown Resort Group

southport spit crown casino proposal from Packers Crown Resort Group

The Ever Growing Crown of Thorns

A Press Release from a few months back highlights the concern we have towards Packer’s growing portfolio – because it seems that the moment one Casino gets the green light he goes and starts proposing more!?!

Australia, (August 31, 2016) – James packer is all set to start his new construction project, a spectacular Crown Casino Resort that will take $2 billion to develop. This new project which will alter the Sydney skyline greatly has just got final go-ahead from NSW Planning Commission. The new James Packer owned casino is part of the growing Crown group (which will soon expand its portfolio with a proposed $3 Billion Casino at Southport Spit) and when completed, Barangaroo Crown Casino will become the most luxurious casino and resort in the Southern Hemisphere.

If packer truly gets to achieve what he plans to do with this new casino, Barangaroo Crown Casino is going to be a one of a kind landmark in the area. The hotel is supposed to be a 6 star hotel according to James Packer. However, the international rating system and the formal accommodation rating system in Australia or the Triple A system can only go up to 5 stars. However there are lots of new exciting features that this hotel can boast of that may make it a tad more than just a 5 star hotel. For starters, it is going to have a facade that will look like three petals twisted and winded together which will be veiled by using white glass. It is also going to become the tallest building in Sydney with a height of 270 meters or more. The project is going to be designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects that has previously worked on notable landmarks like London 2012 Basketball Arena and Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

barangaroo crown casino is Packers latest casino jewel in his crown

Further Reading:

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3 Things You Didn't Know about Packer's New Barangaroo Crown Casino

As you might've read in the papers, James Packer's newest construction project – to add a lavish $2 billion Crown casino resort to the Sydney skyline – has just received the final go-ahead from the NSW Planning Commission. The Barangaroo Crown Casino, tipped to become the most luxurious casino resort in the Sydney harbour area upon completion, garnered a slew of media attention before the project was even formally commenced. In case you haven't been keeping up with the coverage, here are three things you probably didn't know about Packer's latest casino!

  1. The Barangaroo Crown Casino Resort will be the first six-star hotel in Sydney.

crown casino sydney barangaroo - James Packers casino

If James Packer has his way, the Barangaroo Crown Resort will literally be off-the-charts. He's promising a six-star hotel, but the official international rating system, as well as Australia's formal accommodation rating system (the Triple A system), only goes up to five stars. How is Crown Resorts going to top luxury hotel stalwarts like the Park Hyatt or The Darling and convince customers that five stars just isn't enough? Well, for starters, the building design is absolutely phenomenal Рthe fa̤ade will resemble three petals winding and twisting together, veiled in white glass. Moreover, the Barangaroo Crown Casino will be the tallest building in Sydney, with an estimated height of over 270 metres. If this modernist vision is realised, Sydney's first six-star hotel may well be in the pipeline.

  1. The building design aims to balance the private and public good.

crown casino sydney barangaroo - James Packers casino

Crown Resorts' initial announcement was met with an outcry from small sections of the community concerned that such a dramatic alteration to the Sydney skyline might have environmental or aesthetic drawbacks. Responding to these criticisms, particularly from commentators who had hoped the building site would be used for the construction of a public park, Crown Resorts modified the building design to add additional green spaces and allow public access to the upper floors, which will deliver panoramic views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The planning permission has been made conditional on the fulfilment of these promises.

  1. The Barangaroo Crown Casino Resort is designed by Wilkinson Eyre.

Haven't heard of Wilkinson Eyre Architects? Well, you'll definitely recognise some of their buildings. Some of the most iconic architecture of the 21st century was designed by WEA, including the London 2012 Basketball Arena and the Gardens by the Bay botanic conservatories in Singapore. Their cutting-edge design for the Barangaroo Crown, described by founder Chris Wilkinson as an inhabited artwork, suggests that the newest Crown Resort project may well become the most prestigious building in WEA's impressive portfolio.

crown casino sydney barangaroo - James Packers casino

Further reading and resouces



http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/reject-james-packers-casino-tower-city-of-sydney-20160428-gogtq1.html (of course it was still approved because this is James Packer and money gets you whatever you want)

https://newmatilda.com/2016/05/31/casino-mikes-sydney-beautiful-one-day-barangaroo-ed-the-next/ (insight into private vs public land and the history of how ownership has been transferred etc etc)

crown casino sydney barangaroo - James Packers casino