Footy Tips that Are Less AFL and More FAiL


some afl footy tips are laced with bullshit Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson knows Bullshit AFL Footy Tips when he sees them

With the popularity of online sports betting in Australia (and throughout the western world for that matter) growing exponentially, literally thousands of websites are trying to capitalise on the punting boom by offering AFL footy tips. No matter how much the website owner might try to convince you that he's got insider info, hot tips or sure-win secrets, however, it's clear that at least 70% of these so-called tips are a big steaming pile of horse dung. We've seen some pretty terrible advice in our time, but these awful AFL footy tips really take the cake.

4 AFL Footy Tips that Suck Worse Than Collingwood

If you want to stand a half decent chance of winning the 2017 seasons’ AFL Footy Tipping Competition then you need to listen to the following worldly advice. Not only are these 4 bad tips widely shared and commonly followed, they are also the reason the average punter is well, the average punter 😉

*EDIT – With the recent confirmation that Sportsbet will indeed be holding their million dollar footy tipping competition in 2017 there’s even more reason to take things a little more serious this upcoming footy season and use these 4 AFL footy Tipping …tips to good use.

  1. Backing Teams Because of a Hot Streak

You'll see loads of self-proclaimed experts making this mistake, even the big sports magazines and newspapers. They'll present a team as a sure-win just because the team's on a winning streak. That certainly seems intuitively appealing. After all, form is a huge factor in sports, and a team in good form and high morale is likely to play better. However, smart sports betters don't treat a team's current form as the decisive factor. First of all, the more games a team wins, the lower the returns from backing that team. Bookmakers aren't likely to give you 9:1 odds on the team that's topping the table. Second, don't underestimate the impact that an easy run of fixtures or even sheer dumb luck can have on a team's form. Look at all the information when you're researching AFL footy tips, and not just the team's win ratio in the past five games!

afl footy tipping advice includes hot streaks NOT streakers I said Hot STREAKS.. ? SMH who hired this guy anyway?

  1. Randomly Increasing Stakes

Losing bettors have a certain betting pattern – if they lose one weekend, they'll bet loads more the next weekend to try and win their money back. This is a sure-fire way to lose your bankroll. As experienced gamblers know, bet sizes should be determined in advance and judiciously calculated according to your bankroll size. Bet sizes should only be increased when your bankroll increases, i.e. when you've won enough to up your stakes!

meaty afl footy tipping advice Stakes not st…… You know what, never mind

  1. Too Many Sportsbooks

Sure, diversification is a part of any successful investment strategy – but that doesn't mean that you have to spread out your betting among five different sportsbooks every weekend to succeed. Many websites advise you to do so because they get commissions and ad revenue from bookmakers, and it's therefore in their interests for you to join as many bookmakers as possible. But if you follow this terrible AFL footy tip, you lose out on VIP points and make it harder for yourself to keep track of bet expenditure. It's a recipe for disaster.

These sporting books are a sure bet in all markets Books. About sports. OK Yes #Iseewhatyoudidthere
Yes it’s wonderful. Very clever. (Ijit)

  1. Betting every weekend

Bookies are the biggest offenders when it comes to this particular clunker. They'll tell you not to miss out on their great odds next weekend or offer you free bets for next week's games. The winning punter, however, is the punter that bets only when he sees a good opportunity and a clear advantage. Don't forget that bookmakers weigh the odds judiciously to maintain a massive advantage over their clients. If you play every week, you play right into their trap, because they'll be winning most of the time. Bet only when you're sure they've missed out some vital information and gotten their odds wrong.

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