A Sordid Pokie Affair

Millions in Botany Bay Council funds have been flushed through the pokies in a multi million dollar false invoicing scheme motivated by a penchant for pokies and pussy.

The state's corruption watchdog – ICAC has learned how BOTANY Bay Council funds gleaned through a multi-million dollar false invoicing scheme were being flushed through pokies at a Mt Pritchard club or used to pay off gambling debts of one Marny Baccam, a former clerical assistant at Botany Bay Council – whom he owed $5000

Gary Goodman the Peanut

icac found botany bay council corruptionThe Majority of the debt has been the result of one Gary Goodman, the Botany Bay Council's former chief financial officer Gary Goodman, an on-off lover of Ms Baccam who he met at the Mounties, misused more than $4.2 million of ratepayer's money between 2009 and 2015.


ICAC has already heard the council's business unit, which had a $7 million annual turnover, was making a loss as millions were being siphoned out through false or inflated invoices. – And whether you agree or not, it appears that the motivation here is lust – love – the small head we men think with sometimes – at our own detriment – and really it’s fair to say that Gary – you’re a fucking peanut mate. Hire a prostitute like politicians and sports stars do FFS…

But then we hear about this Siddik fellow and it just makes the whole thing kinda odd…

Three is a Crowd FEATURE

Siddik Hussein, director of Al-Furat which publishes Australia's national Arabic newspaper, said he withdrew large sums of cash paid into his account by the council from ATMs at the Mounties in Mt Pritchard late at night while gambling. Under questioning by the council's barrister Arthur Moses SC, Mr Hussein agreed he lodged false or inflated invoices which were approved by Marny Baccam, a former clerical assistant at Botany Bay Council, who he owed around $5000.

Sometimes you would withdraw money from an ATM at the Mounties and give it to her? Mr Moses asked during an Independent Commission Against Corruption hearing this morning. Yes, Mr Hussein replied.

Today, Mr Hussein admitted that he withdrew money stolen from the council through false invoices from an ATM at the Mounties close to midnight which he either handed over to Ms Baccam from or gave her a cash cheque to pay off his gambling debts.

It is this authors opinion that the whole thing is a little dodgy and I put forward the question – if you owe someone $5000 then shouldn’t you pay it back? How did this Siddick character get the council (read taxpayers) to pay his dect – to Ms Baccam which in itself was from money belonging to taxpayers?!?!

mounties mt pritchard club where money was flushed through pokies
mounties mt pritchard club where money was flushed through pokies

Back to the Peanut

Mr Goodman was due to give evidence to ICAC today but instead was at the A & E department at Liverpool Hospital after experiencing bleeding to his left foot following a toe amputation which has required him to use crutches.

-Hopefully he’s a little less toey now – it certainly costs taxpayers a lot when he’s gotten toey in the past 😉

In his absence, the inquiry has heard allegations concerning his personal life from another on-off lover Suman Mishra, a former accountant at the council, who claimed he had four women including one in The Philippines.

– the good looking ones always get the ladies – and Gary’s clearly got it going on…..sweaty manboobs and all!

The inquiry has heard he lavished cash and gifts on his lovers and paid the deposit of Ms Mishra's lush Green Square unit, the mortgage on her Earlwood home and gave her $200 a week pocket money.

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The original source article – which can be found here goes on about more boring stuff and provides details relevant to both claims – but in the interest of keeping your frontal lobe INSIDE your head I thought we’d skip all that shit and keep it simple – love triangle, fat man thinking with his dick and lady with gambling problem causing all the issues – sounds like every fucking news story and bold and the beautiful story line ever – BORING

Read it here anyway if you like