Online Pokies Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name pokies hail from?, What is the normal pay-out rate on a poker machine? Find out all of these questions and more with the online pokies FAQ

Online Pokies FAQ's

Where did the name “pokies” hail from?

While there is truly no documentation of where the term began like most slang it doubtlessly originated from players shortening poker machines with expressions. Most likely it originated from gamblers inviting each other to go to a pub and to check out the pokies machines.


What is the normal pay-out rate on a poker machine?

In Australia the most minimal pay-out rate by law might be 87%. In actuality however you will find that the normal comes in at a little more than 90%. For transient play it doesn’t generally have a real effect.

Can the pub change the pay-out rate every day?

No. The pay over for each one machine is settled at a certain level when the EPROM is made. This can’t be changed by gaming room drivers unless they request another chip for the machine.

Do the chances change relying upon the extent to which I wager?

No. The chances of winning are dependably the same. They don’t change on the off chance that you wager one penny for every twist or wager five dollars. In the event that you play short of what most extreme lines you will however pass up a great opportunity for the wins on the lines you didn’t wager on.

Are the chances better if a machine has not paid out for some time?

No. Each twist on a gaming machine has precisely the same shot of winning as the twist before and the following twist. The machine does not take any notice of what amount of cash has been played through.

Are there any special tricks to winning?

No. There is literally nothing that you can do to expand your chances of winning when playing online pokies. While there are some individuals offering frameworks they are all tricks and are a waste of your hard earned cash.

It is safe to say that it is better to play in pubs, clubs or clubhouse?

As a rule your best wager is to play at a clubhouse. This is on account of would you be able to win greater prizes as well as on the grounds that clubhouse have player VIP programs where you can get expansion things, for example, free rooms, nourishment, and so on.