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Pokies & Slots – Not as Rude as You Had Thought Hoped

If you look up the word Pokies on Google and do an image search you quickly realise that these are not slot machines you are looking at. If you ask Beavis and Butthead what a Slot is they will snigger and talk about the loosest slots in Vegas – heck even the old lady on the plane loved the slots – oh she plays with the slots all day long! So between the Americans definition of pokies and Beavis and Buttheads low IQ translating things incorrectly it’s all rather exciting really.

And then you take your mind out of the gutter and arrive at the corner of logic and common sense and let’s be honest – boring!

What Are Pokies and Slot Machines Anyway?


Pokies are games that are similar to slots in US casinos. Originally made from machinery and cogs they were configured in 3 or 5 reel format and used a single handle to activate the spinning of the reels – after the player had inserted their penny into the slot €¦ slots. The Slot machine gets its name from€¦obvious places but for some the humble pokie' has only been referred to as the One Armed Bandit' due to the single handle on the side which would ultimately steal the players money' and leave them high and dry (and usually hungover).

Learn more about the history of the slot machine or pokie here -> From One Armed Bandits to Interactive Video Slots | The History of Slot Machines and Pokies

Referred to as Slot Machines – or slots as our American cousins like to call them, they have taken over the gambling landscape and now fill casino floors and online gambling sites with their bright lights and captivating features. Australians have adopted the American's love for slot machines but in typical Aussie style have decided we should be bigger and better and in so doing have managed to overtake the US as the worst nation of gamblers – spending 12 billion on the pokies in 2008/2009! – See

Types of Pokies – Progressive Slots, No Download Pokies, and Online Pokies for Real Money

Over the years the humble poker machine has come a long way and now provides more bells and whistles than a little league match – but not nearly as healthy for the family I might add.
But despite it’s dramatically changing appearance the humble slot machine has not really changed that much over the years – not in theory anyway. The major differences between then and now relates to the internals and the algorithms that control the reels. If anything I would hazard a guess that the odds have been stacked even further into the house's favour – which is why understanding how they work and what they offer is more crucial than it has ever been. Counting cards is big no no, but counting slots is perfectly OK – that's assuming you know what it is you are counting ? (see Strategies to Increase Your Odds on the Pokies for further information regarding this)

And Just when you thought 50 grand was a lot of cash, along comes the Progressive Slot machine…

Just like a slot game, there are available winning patterns that you need to complete to be able to win credits or any other similar prizes. There are combinations that will win huge prizes and of course there are winning combinations that will allow players to win the jackpot prize. Further to this there are Slot Machines and Pokies that provide players with a chance to win ridiculously HUGE WINS that range from $100's of 1000's to millions of dollars – thanks to the fact that these slot machines are all connected and the win is accumulated through a network of machines. Known as a progressive Jackpot or Progressive Slots – these types of pokies have been in use in pubs and clubs across the world and even here in Oz (Remember Lasseters Loot?) but now thanks to the power of the internet and instant connectivity the Progressive Jackpot is in abundance at nearly all the best online casinos.

Getting Started – The Step by Step Guide


Real world and Online Pokies are fun to play since you can easily understand the game. Any person even someone that has never been to an online Australian casino site will understand what pokies are all about and how it is played. The game attracts novice players as well as professional players since with just a very minimal bet; you will be able to win a huge amount of money. Here are more ways on how to play pokies games from online gambling sites:

  1. Simply download the casino software and search for your favourite game. If you don't have a favourite yet, you can select from over 250 titles to play to your heart's content.
  2. Try free games first so you can experience playing the game for real. You can easily see that titles are more creative, the designs are more colourful and there are so many titles to choose from! Try as many free games as you want and afterwards choose about 5 game titles that you would like to play for real money.
  3. If you think that you are ready to play for real money then you can simply follow the instructions to add funds to your online wallet.
  4. After you have done with payment, pick the pokies game that you wish to play for real money and read the rules of the game. Although most pokies are played the same, bonuses and symbols may vary so you still need to refresh yourself with the rules.
  5. Playing pokies for real money is simple; you must place a bet according to the game requirements and then afterwards just press spin and play. Acquaint yourself with the possible combinations of the game and the prizes that you might win.
  6. When you have won, remember to keep a percentage of your winnings. This way you will still be able to quit the game with a few dollars under your name. Be sure to play while you feel lucky but as soon as you feel the opposite you might need to take the night off.

Read the Rules | Online Casino Facts

online gambling rules

The Interactive Gambling Act (2001) is the policies and laws governing internet gambling in Australia. Every country has one and I recommend finding the Act relevant to you and making sure you are within your legal rights to be partaking in online gambling activities in any way shape or form. Also make sure the Online Casino you are visiting is reputable – I would recommend reading some of our Online Casino Reviews or simply searching for the casino in Google with the word review after it – you will get a lot of reviews although keep in mind many of these are written by people who seek to profit from your joining so in many instances the reviews or bias and not based on even the slightest fragment of truth.

Online Gambling is one of the most policed and restricted areas – mainly because of the fact Gambling is illegal in many countries but the internet is obviously not restricted by borders and ocean. As such there are many less than reputable online casinos out there and it is imperative that you read all the rules and fine print before handing over your hard earned money. This is another reason why we strongly recommend only a select few casinos – ones that have been awarded consistently for service and customer satisfaction.

Check out Spin Palace – it is our No. 1 Recommended online casino and provides over 300 free pokies to play online for fun or real money.

Bet in Moderation

Even when you are sure that you are ready to bet, don't get too overwhelmed. Bet only a portion of your money or try to keep it to the minimal otherwise you will end up losing the majority of it in a relatively short amount of time – instantly dulling your playing experience and not providing you with a chance to get to know the game, understand the wins and put yourself in the best position to get that generous payout and/or feature. Remember this rule even when you have become an experienced pokies player – you don't want to end up being a $5 a hit- with a drinks coaster – sort of gambler do you? Nah me neither!

Watch out for the different combinations

And finally the most important rule of all is to master different combinations. There are jackpot combinations and other shapes and design combinations or some kinds of combinations allow you to multiply your wins or even triple your win! – Again I cannot say it enough The More you understand the machine and the combinations required to win the better equipped you will be to maximise your own chances of winning on the pokies