Jurassic Jackpot

Jurassic Jackpot
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Jurassic Jackpot Game Information

Game Features

Pokies Reels: 3
Pay Lines: 1
Betting Limits: $0.50 to $100.00

Jurassic Jackpot Online Pokies Overview

If you loved Jurassic Park Movies then this FREE Online Pokies Game is for you! Simple, unique online pokies game download for FREE.

The images used in the online pokies game Jurassic Jackpot incorporate the compelling Tyrannosaurus Rex, a brilliant and dynamic dinosaur egg, and a couple of different acclaimed dinosaurs from the Jurassic, in the same way as the Stegosaurus and Triceratops. Different images incorporate a fountain of liquid magma that thunders to life and produces magma when it structures a winning combo and a cool vine-secured dinosaur-period plant.

Wild Symbol

Jurassic Jackpot Wild

The Jurassic Jackpot symbol is a WILD.

  • DOUBLES: the payout of any combination 1 symbol completes as a Wild symbol
  • QUADRUPLES: the payout of any combination 2 symbols complete as a Wild symbols
  • Creates its own Winning combination when multiple symbols appear in a line on an enabled payline. These payouts are not multiplied.

Download and Play for free

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