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Aristocrat – Australia’s Favourite Pokies

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For the majority of Aussies the name Aristocrat is one that needs no introduction and I would put money on the fact that at least half of your favourite pokie machines have Aristocrat Gaming written on the front or side of the machine. Aristocrat Pokies fill clubs and pubs across Australia and Aussies love nothing more than to throw in a cheeky pineapple and see if they can hear that ring of a feature or the YEE HAW of a prospector wondering Where’s The Gold, or see that third pyramid drop for 15 free games of Egyptian awesomeness. Regardless of what your favourite pokie game is, there’s a damn good chance it’s made and owned by Aristocrat. Let’s take a brief look at the company and see if there’s anything interesting to learn about their history.

Aristocrat Gaming – The Man Behind the Machine

Pokie king len ainsworth wants to maintain some control of Ainsworth Gaming Tech

Founded in the 1950s by Lee Ainsworth, Aristocrate Leisure Ltd began creating slot machines in 1953. Ainsworth later left the company to form Ainsworth Game Technology Company. While the company initially focused on making simple three real slot machines, it expanded its production to include card and slot machines games with four to seven reels and progressive machines with a shared jackpot.
A recent article (From November last year) shows that while the Man behind Aristocrat Leisure and Ainsworth Gaming is sitting comfortably it appears that thanks to the US and a keen interest in Australian Pokies he will be sitting that much more comfortably from now on.

Gaming operator Aristocrat Leisure said strong sales of its poker machines in North America and Australia boosted its full-year earnings earnings for the 2015 financial year with a 79 per cent rise in underlying net profit of $236.1 million beating a consensus estimate from analysts.
The Sydney-based company, headed by Jamie Odell, said its $US1.3 billion ($1.8 billion) deal last year to buy US group Video Gaming Technologies had started to strengthen its performance in the Americas unit which drove much of the lift in profits for the year ended September 30.
Analysts had expected net profit of $231 million. Revenues increased by 85 per cent to $1.61 billion, well ahead of a consensus estimate of $1.46 billion.

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Why You Can’t Play Aristocrat Pokies Online For Real Money

The initial reason for the restrictions to Aristocrat Pokies online was due to the company itself not licensing their popular pokies and casino slots games to the online casinos and the software companies like Microgaming that run the online pokies. Aristocrat itself is often looking to improve its online portfolio, and although we the players initially expected to see popular titles like Queen of the Nile or 5 Dragons either developed by Aristocrat or licenced to another manufacturer it seems the people at Aristocrat Gaming have gone in a different direction – and I am sad to report that after playing and testing the Free Aristocrat Pokies Online the experience is not so good. Aristocrat Pokies could have been extremely enjoyable to play online but they have missed the point in two hugely important areas!

Why Free Aristocrat Pokies Are No Good

In essence this is my Review of Heart of Vegas Slots – the official Aristocrat Online Pokies App

heart of vegas slots review - aristocrat pokies onlineAristocrat Leisure decided to maintain control over all their Games (which is fair enough from a marketing and branding perspective) but in doing so they failed to deliver. They also surprised me by how much they missed the mark – I mean surely Aristocrat of all people should understand what Gamblers want and provide that to them, even in a free online format. Bbbbbbbut they didn’t – and EPIC FAIL follows. Here’s the two (no, three) reasons why playing Free Aristocrat Pokies through the officially licensed Heart of Vegas Slots App is a bad online gambling experience:

  1. You Cannot Choose What Lines You Bet
    Maybe you like to bet all lines at all times, but personally I like to be able to increase my multiplier while not necessarily betting as much. This is actually the way I increase my odds and win more when playing any of the Aristocrat 243 Reel Ways Pokies – See my tips for yourself and learn how to win on Pokies yourself. Without an ability to choose my lines I can’t test my strategy with the online pokies, and I also don’t get the same experience since I can’t repeat the offline experience online.
  2. You Cannot Double Up. (And Sorry Barney, that means you can’t Suit Up either!)
    The ability to double up and quadruple your individual wins is something that makes the entire experience of playing the pokies fun and variable. If the Pokies are preset and controlled by an algorithm (which they are – see How Pokies Work) then the only true way to beat them is through the double ups where it really does come down to chance and ‘pot luck’
    Taking that element away from the pokies really does take away from a large chunk of the experience of playing your favourite Aristocrat Pokie
  3. Aristocrat Just Want Your Money (in a different format)
    When you first create an account with the Heart of Vegas Slots App you are given over 2 million credits/dollars/chips and although it seems like a lot, with the lowest bet you can make anywhere being $2000 and average bets being around $200,000 your $2,000,000 doesn’t last long. Once this is gone you are then prompted every 8 seconds to buy more chips (at around $10USD for 500,000 credits) and although you are given around 100,000 daily chips (if you visit every few hours) to actually enjoy the range of Aristocrat Pokies they provide you would either need to bet the minimum (which even then can be 15,000 for some pokie machines) or spend real money to play… with pretend money.?!?

If you are going to pay real money to play free Aristocrat Pokies then you are a little bit mental in my opinion and your options are to either get your head checked for paying to play a game that provides no monetary reward or chance of life changing wins or just realise what a numb skull you are being and get over to the best alternative Aristocrat Games available…. why? Because these ones you CAN play for real money – oh and you can also choose your line/bet/multiplier and of course double up any and all individual wins – just like the experience you have come to love through your local club or pub.

Play Aristocrat Pokies for Real Money Today!

If you want to play your favourite Aristocrat Pokies online for real money then you will need to settle for one of the many awesome alternatives that have been created with the sole intention of mimicking the ever popular title from Aristocrat Leisure. And trust me when I say that “settle” is hardly the word

And players are spoiled for choice when it comes to alternatives, which can be found in various online casinos, including all of our recommended ones. Click any of the images below to see for yourself how amaziing some of these Aristocrat Pokies alternatives are and test them out for free before playing for real money. Of course if you choose to sign up with any of our recommended online casinos like Spin palace or Jackpot City then you not only enjoy these awesome real money pokies, you can also enjoy up to $1600 in sign up bonuses, meaning not only are you playing your favourite Aristocrat Pokies online for real money, you are playing them with someone else’s money! Now THAT’S Winning!


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best real money aristocrat pokies online


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